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The tremendous, efficient and omnipresent Boeing 747 transportation is a symbol of the vital facets of progress in civil aircraft: the democratization and globalization of travel. At this moment, 1000 of airline terminals around the world are crowded with numerous people representing every state, all benefiting from the accessibility to cross country travel via flight. So it was on December 22, 1965, that Trippe and Allen signed a letter of purpose investing $525 million for 25 plane, launching the biggest airliner ever sold, the Boeing Model 747. The first specifications called for a gross weight of 550, 000 pounds, room for up to 400 passengers, a cruise speed of Mach.9, and an extensive variety of 5, 100 miles.

boeing 747


It was a wonderful challenge, one whose failure had the potential to break both airlines. It’d been fraught with risk, for brand new engines had to be designed and constructed, as did a large new factory that became the biggest building in the world with regards to volume. Even the world airport runways, taxiways, and terminals had to be redesigned to manage the aircraft. Jack Waddell was aviator on the first 747 flight, on Feb 9, 1969. As all test pilots should do, he openly called the giant new plane a pilot’s dream. There would be delays in getting the 747 into service, primarily due to problems with the Pratt & Whitney JT9D engines, but it was soon apparent that the Boeing 747 was the new world standard in transportation. Quickly, comfortable, and dependable, Boeing 747s started racking up one record after another. By 1975, it’d carried its 100 millionth individual, signifying the start of the revolution in air transport.

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