Did Language Barrier Take Polish President To Plane Crashing?

Polish President, his wife and all other abroad were dead in a plane crashing, which kept Poland in shock. Many investigation were implemented to find the cause of this crashing. Russia has shown its tremendous empathy and all supportive in their time of need.


With this terrible and untimely event, Poland can become more united and determined to achieve their dreams. In fact the Polish economy has been one of the most stable and strong economies of the European Union over the last few years. Even during the credit crunch the Polish economy was in a much better position than many of its bigger European counterparts.


In recent days there has been considerable speculation as to the cause of the crash. Some reports have stated that that the pilot was attempting to land in heavy fog and was under significant pressure. Others have suggested that the main problem was a language barrier and that the pilot could have done with a professional translator.


It has emerged that Captain Protasiuk, who was 36 and had relatively little experience for such a senior job, rejected advice from Paul Plyusnin, the controller, to divert to Minsk or Moscow.


Some professionals likened his low approach to Smolensk North military airbase in fog to Russian roulette.


He also knew that the President did not take kindly to delays and had clashed in 2008 with another pilot who refused his orders to land in Tbilisi, Georgia, after controllers advised that it was too dangerous.


In addition the controller said that the crew spoke poor Russian – the language used for their communications. They also failed to follow the normal procedure of repeating back instructions.


Pilots familiar with Russian procedures speculated yesterday that there may have been confusion over the altimeter readings of the Polish crew. Russia procedures on this differ from the international standard.


What this highlights is just how important clear communication is. A pilot is not a trained translator and as a result there is an increased risk of danger when communicating in a language other than their native one. If this was a factor in the President’s death then it is a lesson for us all on the importance of communication.


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