Ic Packaging And Testing Planes Open Price Increase Mechanism

International gold recently hit a record high of 1,250 after the dollar fell back, last Friday’s closing price was still up to 1,177 dollars, while the international price of gold has now entered a consolidation phase, but the gold price going up 1,200 dollars per ounce, the IC packaging and testing plant will be profitable, including Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (2311), SPIL (2325) and other industry, has re-pass system start-up costs, and increase the proportion of copper wire package to reduce the price of gold rose after the rise in cost pressures.

The face of the price of gold continues to surge, Taiwan, testing and packaging plant can be said is difficult to express, on Siliconware for an ounce of gold rose 50 dollars, will affect the cost of packaging materials and 1%, ASE, the gold prices rose by 1% each, will affect the cost of goods sold 0.2%, affecting gross margin of about 0.1%. From this point of view, once the gold price going up 1,200 dollars, equivalent to IC packaging and testing plant has exceeded tolerable critical point, further gains will begin to erode up to the IC packaging and testing processing fee.

Gold prices continued to rise in order to reduce costs caused by the pressure, ASE, SPIL and other IC packaging and testing manufacturers, restart costs have been passed on mechanisms to communicate with customers through the second half expected number of new products will begin to conduct a cost pass. The high proportion of gold material LCD driver IC Measuring plant Qi Feng-mao and other state and South, the reaction was Q2 gold price increases and pass them on to customers.

Industry pointed out that if the first three quarter of the price of gold continued to rise, costs will continue to pass out the gold.

Addition to pass the cost approach, ASE, SPIL and so on in the industry have accelerated the proportion of copper wire package, such as Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Q1 copper wire bonding machine number has reached 1,600 units in Q2 will be a further 750 units to 800 units Now there are 65 copper wire package customers for mass production, total more than 100 clients undergoing certification.

Siliconware Season 1 in Taiwan and Suzhou, two parallel copper wire bonding machine expansion, end of Q1 the number of copper wire bonding machine has reached 874 units, the first two quarters would add another 450 units in Q3 will substantially increase the purchasing volume to 900 units, I hope the new year copper hit a few lines at the end of the machine up to 3,124 units, in order to catch up with competitors, the expansion rate of ASE.

Industry, said the average price of copper wire package though lower than gold wire bonding of about 2 percent, revenue growth rate of fear, therefore slowing down, but gold prices compared to a profit situation will eat, copper wire package The gross profit margin was higher than that of gold wire bonding, so now the price of gold rose, the customer will also speed up the transfer into the copper process, help reduce downward pressure on gross margins. See more exciting

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