MH’s Road Towards Development

MH Company was founded in 1999. There were only three people working for it at that time. It was located at one of the most dynamic cities in China – Ningbo. This company is the biggest of its kind in selling garment accessories. It operates in the process of research, production and marketing.
MH Company has gone through many hardships in achieving such a big scale today. What led to its success is its strict safety measures and the high quality products. Now, MH Company owns three trade firms, ten factories, one big warehouse, six overseas agendas, and one domestic agenda. What’s more, MH Company has always been an active participant of the Canton Fair. The history of MH participating in the Canton Fair can be traced back to 2000. At that time, MH only had a 9-square-meter display spot, but it was a great success to some extent. The Canton Fair was established on the spring of 1957 with a renowned reputation of its long history, high standard, large scale and the huge number of goods. The Canton Fair is an internationally comprehensive trade fair claiming to have the largest number of participants and the best effect of making orders.
Being one of the display companies in Canto Fair manifests MH industry’s great potential of development.
Gaining experience from its first debut, MH started to take part in the fair ever since. During its 10-year establishment, it has participated for 18 times in The Canton Fair. From its experience as a display company, we can view the development of MH Company from a special perspective. What we must mention is The Canton Fair in 2004 when MH is gaining its reputation in its community. This time, MH obtained 8 display spots through their own efforts, with 60 boxes of its display products. This showed that MH was growing up and becoming more mature. At present, MH is preparing to participant in the 109th Canton Fair.
With the rapid development of the world, MH tries very hard to keep up with the pace. MH uses all means of popularization to promote its competitiveness. China has always been viewed as the “world factory”. Many companies in China are just like employers of those big overseas firms whereas MH always places the brand strategy as the soul of development. Through eight years’ hard work, the two brands of MH—MH and TWO BIRDS – have become well-known in other countries. Nowadays, this company is still putting a lot of efforts in establishing its brand.
MH has many detailed plans for the future and it will stick to its belief as always.

Ningbo MH Industry Co., Ltd. is one of the largest enterprises in China that specializes in manufacture and sales of garment accessories and tailoring materials. The main products vary from lace, threads, tapes, buttons, zippers, fabrics and other tailoring materials. Check our products at

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