Create Your Own Fantasy World With Rc Helicopters And Rc Planes

There are many radio controlled aeroplanes that are available for those who love these flying objects. These RC helicopters and RC planes cost around 60 dollars but are a lot of fun. To be able to control a flying object can fascinate any person from children to adults and the features can leave you mesmerized.

RC Planes

The Snow Bird Electric Brushed range of RC Aeroplanes from Dynam consists of 3 channel models. You dont need any tools to assemble all the parts and get the plane flying in the air within no time once you get the box. The planes are made of tough plastic for longevity and are built with a foam construction, 2 wings sets a thin one for those just starting to learn and the thinner ones for the experienced pilots. These wings are reinforced using a carbon rod that provides more robustness. There is a 3 channel FM radio transmitter, rechargeable battery, USB simulation cable and a manual to provide instructions to fly the planes with a wingspan of 88cm, length of 74 cm and a flying weight of 360 grams. The range of control extends to 2000 feet.

The Thunderbird RC Controlled glider which has a wingspan of 110cm, length of 82cm and a flying weight of 500 grams is another popular model with the ability to be controlled by 4 Channel RC. It is shock resistance with strong wings along with elevator control, pitch control and can double up as a glider. The robustly built folding propeller called the Liebao glider is another graceful design that can entertain both experts and amateurs. It can resist impact damage and comes with a two-stick, three channel transmitter. It has a flying weight of 400 grams and a wingspan of 80 cm. Other varieties of RC planes include Focket WULF FW fighter scale planes, military J3 Piper cub RC planes, and brushless trainer planes all of which cost fewer than 100 dollars.

RC Helicopters

There are hobby-grade RC helicopters available for those who are really interested in flight mechanics and radio transmitting and are not satisfied with the basic models usually available in a toy shop. The radio controlled helicopters come with a lithium polymer battery of high quality and is rechargeable, gyro, a 2.4 GHz transmitter and a lot of other features that cannot be found in the basic toys. Banking left and right is something which these rc helicopters can do easily unlike the toy models one finds. The structural robustness of these models also ensures that they are impact resistance and do not break easily, with their reinforced wings held by carbon rods. These rc helicopters can even perform stunts such as flying upside down, which could be lot of fun, when you are entertaining kids in your house. The co-axial helicopters are great for beginners and are controlled by 4 channel ration. There are 6 channel advanced helicopters too for those who are not satisfied with the basic stuff available these are too far advanced than others.

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