Low Mileage Engines

History of Volvo 80 Series Engines

Heralded by some as the most progressive automobile of the entire Volvo lineup, both in body design and interior indulgences, the S80 saloon series has nurtured a well deserved reputation for its above average performance and reliability. As reliable and high-performance as many other Volvo engines have had a reputation for being, the S80 may still have stolen the gold medal in both categories based on the majority of critics’ reviews.

It may also be the coolest looking of the bunch.

A broad departure from the usually conservative, squared look of the Volvo classic vehicle, the S80 has incorporated a whole arsenal of curves, points, and ridges to beef up the style category of its body design. With tail lights that narrow at the corners like angry eyes and slick curves that melt into distinctive beltlines, the S80 is anything but the company’s traditional boxy look. There is a much more elegant, sophisticated feel to its sweeping lines, flowing roofline and overall smoothness that make the S80 a beautiful thing to look at.

And it has an interior to match. From the inception of its classic first generation models in 1998 to the futuristic second and third generation models of today, the S80 has carried the latest in electronics and gadgets including more than 40 computers and a built-in, completely integrated phone. It also comes with an optional GPS navigation system, and an optional refrigerator for when you just have to have a cool one.

The S80 gives you a choice of 3 different Volvo used engines to pick from. The 3.2 liter 6 cylinder Volvo engines have 235 horsepower and come with an impressive 27 mpg at highway speeds, for the mileage conscious. The T6 Volvo engines are 3.0 liters and feature a whooping 281 horsepower and all wheel drive. The largest and most powerful of the bunch are the V8 Volvo engines, with 311 horsepower and 4.4 liters of sheer strength. These beautiful Volvo engines also come with all wheel drive and are not too bad on mileage either, considering you get all this power for only 22 mpg at highway speeds.

The Volvo engines are transversely fitted, and are some of the cleanest in the world with 4 catalytic converters and cutting edge, environmentally conscious electronics systems. Also, with the power of the V8 Volvo engines behind them, these S80s can be some of the fastest saloon cars in the world, although the top speed is electronically limited. The S80 may be a luxury car with all the creature comforts a man could want, but at its baseline is a low vibration, smooth operation, high performance powerhouse.

If safety features are on your mind, the S80 has them all. From the body’s great foundation of torsional rigidity and a sturdy chassis, to the myriad exterior impact absorption systems, the S80 has a network of protective features that combine and interact to make your ride as safe as possible. There is a whiplash protection system, a side impact protection system, and an inflatable curtain that, together, contributed to this car scoring perfectly in crash tests involving frontal, rear, and side impacts. The S80 was awarded the IIHS Top Safety Pick Award in overall safety protection, both in 2007 and 2008.

Combining unique luxury implements with a sleek and elegant design, and putting all of this together with the powerful and efficient Volvo engines it deserves—as well as avant-garde safety features—was no small feat. But Volvo has done it with the S80—a luxury vehicle for the aesthetically- and environmentally-minded, as well as the safety conscious—and an automobile that will make you proud to call your own.