New Bright Spot—MH Industry

Canton fair, as the foreign trade weatherglass, has been well-known not only as the cooperation platform of export enterprises and customers to purchase and exchange, but also the platform to show their brands to the world.
In the 109th canton fair, MH industry became a new bright spot in the textile industry. Along with the gradual development, Meng Heng Group sprouts towards the world with its rich kinds of products of different categories and exhibition experience through maintaining the old customers while it has been actively developing new customers to develop new market.
Meng Heng group is the enterprise association that integrates production trade with investment overseas and its trademark “MH” and“TWO BIRDS” have gained high fame in the global market. Its subordinating large enterprise Meng Heng industry &trade Limited Company mainly produces and sells laces, thread, ribbon zipper, buttons, shoes accessories and other costume textiles, of which the volume is outstanding in the industry. And its subordinating import & export companies mainly do business about bath, game supplies, gifts, stationery and other products, which are exported to North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa throughout the world.
It has many advantages. First, it can provide one-stop service for the customer by powerful industrial chain, as it has mass production ability. Second, it has excellent design team that can professionally develop products to meet the needs of customers. Plus, it has a large industry service team of members who have prominent experience, rich product knowledge and professional spirit so that they can offer you complete service.
To face the grim current economic environment, Meng Heng Group makes great efforts to develop new products and explore new market at home and abroad by researching their own brand independently. In order to make their products keep up with the market trend, it designs the beautiful and diverse packaging of the products. The products’ color collocation and exterior quality are improved to make sure to be ornamented. It is determined to start a new sailing in the fair.
Meng Heng Group can completely satisfy the domestic and foreign merchants’ requirements about clothing accessories and personalized needs of different categories of products. Everyone has dream and Meng Heng Group is no exception. For that, it has been working very hard. What’s more, the aim of integrity, good service attitude, and independent brand products will lead it to move towards the world and the future continually.

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