Plane Accident In Iran Wounded 46 Passengers

On Sunday, an Iranian plane taking off from Abadan airport to Mashhad crashed in northeastern Iran causing 46 injured.

The plane was a Russian-made Tupolev type. At the time it crashed, there were 157 passengers and 13 crew on it.

The plane was reported to catch fire before landing at its destination Mashhad at 7.20 a.m.

According to Reza Jafarzadeh, spokesman for Iran’s civil aviation, there was no death due to the accident. However, possible causes for the accident were not indicated.

The spokesman said that on its way to Mashhad, the Tupolev had to land in Isfahan, central Iran as the weather was so bad. At about 5.35 a.m on Sunday, it continued its journey to Mashhad from Isfanhan airport. Unfortunately, the pilot had to make an emergency landing as the weather was so bad and that he could not see. However, accident still happened.

The plane was reportedly said to be ruined greatly. Its left wing and undercarriage were torn off and a part of the plane was burned because of the accident.

Tupolev is a quite popular airliner in Iran. Iran bought about 12 Tupolev planes from Russia. However, since the fall of the Soviet Union, this type of aircraft has not been popular as it is not an easy at all to find parts for these crafts.

In recent years, Iran has many plane accidents because of some maintenance problems. However, the country was not able to afford new planes. The number of passengers died on Tupolev aircrafts was great. In 2002, the number of deaths was 199. In July 2009, 168 passengers on a Tupolev plane were killed after it dived into a field. The Caspian Airlines Tu-154M jet had taken off from Tehran’s Imam Khomeini International Airport and was headed to the Armenian capital Yerevan.The worst Tupolev airplane accident in Iran happened in 2003. In that crash, 302 were killed.

I am a freelance writer. I found the above news on a reliable website and I want to share with you. I think Iran should not use the Russian-made plane any more.

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