Engines and The Thriving FORCE Within

There was a time when man started thinking. Those thoughts were directed towards exploring a new horizon. Man felt the need to change the very format of his existence. Then comes the accidental discovery of fire and wheel. Since the, there was no looking back for him and kept on moving.

Amidst all the major elements of modern technology, the invention of mechanical engines holds a special place. This led to Industrial Revolution, which swept the entire world by wave. It redefined a new era in the development of science and technology. Prior to the invention of machines, most of the chores were carried out manually. This not only consumed time, but the outputs were less in number as well.

What actually an engine? Simply speaking, it’s nothing but a machine which has been designed to convert energy into useful mechanical motion. In most of the popular usage, this very term is used to describe devices capable of performing mechanical work. Taking into account these common definitions, depending primarily upon its usage, engines are put into application for multiple purpose. As opposed to common perception, an engine is not usually heavy or complex in nature. It can vary from simple to large ones. This mainly depends on the nature of work, an engine is supposed to undertake.

Let us have a brief overview of the various types of engines. One of the most common engines which are used widely is an electric motor. These usually use electrical energy to produce mechanical energy. Apart from that there are physically powered engines which use potential energy to generate energy. Then, there exists Pneumatic motor, which converts potential energy into compressed air. While physically powered motors are used in ropeway conveyors, funiculars etc., pneumatic motors are usually harnessed in the hand held tool industry. There are hydraulic engines which derive its power from pressurized fluid. These are used in moving heavy loads. Again, there are Aircraft engine, automobile engine, model engine, motorcycle engine, marine propulsion engine, railway locomotive engine, spacecraft propulsion engines like rocket engine and traction engine. Around us, we often witness a wide range of machineries operating smoothly. These have mainly been made possible due to the development of engines. These are still in an evolutionary stage and are on the process of up gradation. These facts might appear trivial, but have contributed immensely towards making this world faster and easier.

With the development of technology, there evolved several elements which have played a major role in changing the entire facet of this world. Engines are undoubtedly one of the key aspects amongst these. These have contributed significantly towards pacing up the entire process of development. Its impact shall continue to influence all around.

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