MH Industry Eyeing for Overseas Market

MH Industry Co., Ltd, a leading apparel materials producer in China, has seen its share in overseas market soaring in recent years. Now it has a presence in many corner of the world including African countries like Nigeria and Egypt and emerging economies like Russia and India. It is expected to embrace a pretty glorious future in its strategy of internationalization.
The strengths it enjoys include favorable national policy and advanced equipment. Actually, its pursuit of overseas market is coincided with Chinese government’s encouragement for its enterprises to compete in the global arena. The support from government certainly paves the way fro it to go global. And still, advanced production equipment is also an edge for MH Industry to vie against its rivals for the international market share. With computerized embroidery machines imported from Switzerland and Japan, it now could meet the varied requirements from its client.
Still, different from its domestic competitors, MH Industry pays enough attention to the establishment of its own reputation and brands. The company is more devoted in selling its corporate culture than mere products. Therefore, each year, it would shell out heavy funds to popularize itself on renowned business platforms like Alibaba and search engines like Google. This, no doubt, beef up its reputation in the overseas market in which it is now blazing its trail. Besides, it boasts two established brands, namely, “MH” and “Two Birds”, which now enjoy good sales in many foreign markets.
Innovation is the lifeblood of an enterprise and MH Industry knows clearly of it. While its rivals are still churning out the same old products, MH Industry is already aware of the importance of innovation. By shifting from product-oriented strategy to brand-oriented one, it manages to save much of the added value in its own pockets. This certainly increases its ability to make profit from every single product. According to, its website, it has ten patent applications approved by the country’s relevant bodies and all of which have helped to beef up its productivity.
To sum it up, no matter in China or abroad, there is few enterprises in the same trade could be put on a par with MH Industry, no matter in scale or innovative capabilities. And the early operation in overseas market also provides precious experience for it to expand its share out there. Therefore, it is safe to say that its prospect in the international market will be optimistic.

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