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Well, there’s no doubt in Malacar Sanjaya was not the most talented Idol candidate, but I really think he was one of the funniest. Personally, I listen just to see what his hairstyle will be this week, and hopes that it would improve his performance. And millions of viewers agree with me on the recreational value it, as he survived it all the way from page 7. My question is, he did not go further than that? American Idol did not begin before his time?


After the show excellent results 12, and Sanjaya was growing every week. It was not until the last three years even off the sound. The competitors such as Chris Richardson and Phil Stacey still in the last three years. However, these two were when Sanjaya was voted off, at the top!


The Howard Stern Sanjaya support and millions of his fans. Of course, Stern was not familiar with the public when he was in radio land, but it will be about five to six million people. He urged his supporters to vote early and often tongue man, and I did a lot. The researchers used a method available to save the largest possible number of votes for the oppressed adorable. This is what has led to the disappearance of Sanjaya.


At the end of American Idol, read the fine print. He said nothing to affect the producers that the final decision and the right to disqualify any votes that appear to be automated or unfair to give one competitor an advantage. Now, some fans admitted they used hundreds of programs Stern throw demonic if not thousands of votes at one time for Sanjaya. Been eliminated thousands of votes or ineligible?


Look, you allow us to American Idol, and the public, to vote for the next star. But do you really think that they let the talented idol has become less the next time? The Sanjaya fans, but it was not the best singer, and not by the competitor. In the end, American Idol will do what is best for American Idoland the relation with Ancient Greece Art.


Goodbye Sanjaya. You will not forget for at least another week or two, when you are done with talk show circuit.

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