Now Might be the Time to Purchase an Aircraft

In fact, the amount you save might pay for storage and fuel for the aircraft for a year or more. Sure you might need to contend with the fuel prices yourself, the savings that you make from not having to charter a jet and employ the services of a full crew might far outweigh those of chartering or hiring an aircraft for personal purposes.
Before going out and purchasing a personal aircraft there are a few other things to consider however. Firstly, look at the amount of money you are likely to save by owning an aircraft outright. Also consider the money that you can make by chartering the aircraft out to others. It may be a great business opportunity in itself. You might find that the amount that you can make by allowing others to rent your aircraft will allow the aircraft to pay for itself in the long term. It also means you won’t need to utilise the services of a commercial airline as much as you would have. Let’s face it; flying on a commercial airline can be stressful. You have to put up with the other people on the aircraft who can be pig headed at times. You also have to jump through the various hoops put into place by the security services in place that have been heavily emphasised since 9/11.
Of course, owning your own aircraft does mean that you will need to take adequate care of the aircraft. You will also need to pay for fuel, mechanic fees and storage fees of the aircraft. You will also need to ensure that it is properly registered with the correct aviation authorities. If you own a pilot’s license and are also looking at the purchase from a purely professional perspective then this is unlikely to be something that you are worried about. An aircraft is just another vehicle, much like a boat or car. As a business vehicle is it is like a taxi cab – or delivery vehicle – depending on what you wish to use the aircraft for in regards to business.
So now might be the right time to get out there and look around at what is available if you have always wanted to purchase an aircraft. Many companies and individuals are cutting back on their assets that need constant maintenance (such as aircrafts), so it might be quite easy to find an aircraft that has been well cared for at a fraction of the price it would cost you otherwise. The range of aircrafts out there that people are selling range from jets to simple prop driven aircrafts – so there is likely to be something out there at the moment for the right price.

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