Learn To Practise Stable One Plane Swing

One plane swing is used by many top famous golf stars, such as Callaway golf clubs professional Ernie Els, Nike golf clubs athelets Tiger Woods and Anthony Kim. Els changed into one plane swing from 2009. One plane swing fits in the human structure mechanics and makes player fully use different parts of body to hit the ball. So it is an effective swing method. Meanwhile, the entire swing process is quite simple, so that users only need to focus on several key steps. But you’d better practice with your coach next to you. If you learn from books or video online and then practise by yourself, it is difficult to find out your wrong tricks, such as whether your hip center of gravity or head move or not. Of course, if there is equipped with high-power camera, it must be perfect. In that case, you are able to see more details, such as whether your wrist delay to swing downward. These details are hard to find out because your swing speed and rhythm are faster than your eyes.

Practise One Plane Swing

1. Don’t move your head on the process of backswing. Do not be behind the ball.

2. Just thing of swing around yourself instead of pulling with your left arm if you are a right handed player.

3. During the process of downward swing, turn your body as hard as possible and hit the ball with right hand.

4. Keep your arms close to the underarm and your spine 45 degree down to lower the gravity center of your body.

5. Stand with feet wider than shoulders.

There is one more point you need to pay attention, adding up and down to swing. Just bend over more at address and extend your butt out a little more than normal condition. You can think of your hip end pushing up against a wall at address and staying there during the swing. This may need you lower your body and adjust the lie angle of your golf clubs, so as to produce more accurate shots. Your back muscles and hip muscles may sore, which is a normal phenomenon. Keep in mind, do not turn your shoulders at a steeper angle. Or you will tilt forward on the backswing and backward on the forward swing.

One plane swing makes most golf players feel the best results and effectively use every parts of your body muscles to swing. If you determine to hit a draw, your arm begins to rotate earlier in the swing and you may easily control your hitting. Aim at the right of the golf clubs and swing, do not worry about any misshot. 

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