How to Stop Most Computer Crashes

Computer errors and crashes are incredibly annoying and frustrating, preventing you from being able to do even the most simple of things on your PC. Problems such as crashes and errors are extremely common… but there is a solution which can stop most of them immediately.

If your computer is crashing all the time, there’s likely one cause which can easily be fixed. Not many people know about this, but there’s a part of your system called the ‘registry’ which stores all sorts of settings and information about the software and hardware of your computer. Everything from your latest emails to how much hard drive space you have left is all kept in this database, making it one of the most important and frequently used parts of Windows. Although this database is important and is a critical part of your system… it’s still the biggest causes of computer errors and crashes.

The problem is that Windows *needs* to use the registry for everything on your PC. Each time you use your computer, 100’s of registry files are being opened and edited to help Windows to do various tasks on your PC. This is okay, but unfortunately, Windows is constantly getting confused, leading it to save many of the files in completely the wrong way. This makes them corrupt and extremely difficult for your computer to read, slowing it down a lot. However, these damaged files also cause another problem – errors.

You see, your computer doesn’t know which registry files are broken and which are okay, meaning that it will just try and read them until it can understand what they say. In most cases, this just slows your system down because it takes your PC longer to read the files, but in some cases, the registry files can be so corrupted that they will prevent your computer from being able to load them at all, causing errors or even crashes. When a computer crashes, it’s simply hit a dead end which it can’t recover from. This is what happens when you have registry files which your computer needs, but can’t read. And because the registry database is hidden from us most of the time, hardly anyone knows about this problem.

Luckily, it’s very easy to fix. You see, computer crashes are caused by registry files which are so damaged they can’t be read by your computer any more. Well, there’s actually a software tool which goes through the registry and fixes all the problematic files that are in there. These tools are known as ‘registry cleaners’ and work by scanning every registry file and then fixing any of the ones that it finds are broken. Registry cleaners are very effective at stopping computer crashes because they allow your computer to read all the files it needs, when it needs them, making it run like new again!

We’ve found the best registry cleaner to stop computer crashes, is a tool called RegAce

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