My “Nature” Theory

Alright well, here is a little something I noticed while reading up on a lot of “alpha” information, and have been field testing it to the point where its become who I am. It is one of my most important. I do not even want to say routine, because its more a way of life… let me explain.

Men are men. women are women. We know this. Men have testosterone, women have estrogen. Women are attracted to testosterone. Testosterone is most prevalent in in nature! All the alpha males are oozing it in the wild… the lions, the bears, the tigers (oh my). So many men in today’s society have become house cats. they do not work out, they don’t dominate, they are not, essentially, men. this is a problem.

Now, what I like to do is, think about ALL situations I encounter, and think of it in nature. How would I react if i were an alpha male in the wild. because that is all we are… humans are just a different species of animal on this earth.

Humans are just more evolved animals. We eat, shit, mate, fight, kill… Our purpose in life is the same as animals, only add consumerism and religion. I notice a lot of people on this board asking what to do about little things. She did this to me, what do i do? She asked me this, what do I say? How do i ask her about this? when do I call/text? how? when? WHY?

I was exactly like this, analyzing every move i made, and analyzing every move SHE made even more. I realize now almost ALL of these questions can be answered once you think of what would happen in nature, if you were the alpha male. did she say shes busy on friday? well, an alpha lion doesn’t care he has got other women. He will get back to her when he wants. did she say your shirt is ugly, in a very serious way? the lion would’nt laugh and say that shes right, its not even his favourite shirt, the good one is in the wash, but hey, your shirt is sort of cute no, the lion doesnt care, he will insult her right back and put her in her place. and you know what? shed LOVE him for it…

There is such a lack of MEN in this society that when women see this alpha male attitude, their PRIMAL instincts kick in that gut level attraction to the MAN figure… which in nature, is the top of the food chain. As MEN, we all instinctively know what to do. Be confident in your actions, and don’t second guess yourself. Workout out, get your testosterone flowing as nature intended, embrace the MAN inside of you (and let him out) and the answers will come naturally. If you are ever stuck in a situation, do not over analyze it. just be cool, relax, and think WWLD…what would the lion do.


This article was first published on the Seduction University Forums.

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