How to Recover Data after Your Hard Drive Crashes

Hard drive failure is the cause of over two-thirds of data loss incidents; other causes are software issues, user error, and drive read instability. Critical moving parts like the disk read-write heads go obsolete and materials that make up those parts fail while viruses constantly lurk waiting to strike and ruin your day. Power surges, power outages, and other electrical problems can damage your computer and restrict access to your files.

When your hard drive fails to answer the bell one morning you will discover that there’s information in your computer that you can’t do without and you have to try and get it back. Your computer might be a few years old or affected by a virus and has crashed so the operating system won’t turn on. The first thing you will have to do is get a new hard drive that you can work with. You can lose more data trying to work with a corrupted hard drive so if your expertise is not at the level where you could confidently know where you’re going. If there is really important data involved, take it to a shop.

After you install the new hard drive then you would reload the operating system with the new hard drive assigned as the Master hard drive (or primary) and reassign the original as the slave (or secondary) drive so you can run the computer from the new drive while still having access to the old one. This is safe to do only if you have diagnosed what damaged the hard drive and dealt with any problems like viruses and malware. Assuming you have this under control then it would be safe to probe around in the old hard drive without awakening any sleeping dragons.

At this point you can use data recovery software to try to restore your files. Windows Data Recovery software is commercially available for around a hundred dollars or for a similar amount you could take your problem to a data recovery service like Kenedacom Data Recovery Montreal, a local expert. Sending the damaged hard drive to the shop is the best route to follow if there is important data involved that could cause a loss in productivity in business or worse.

Using data recovery services for business hard drive crashes where data recovery is needed is only a matter of sending a courier in with the hard drive; most data retrieval experts can perform hard disk data recovery in less than 48 hours, minimizing downtime and loss of income associated with the missing data or software.

These days there is a greater awareness of the need for secure backup, so catastrophic data loss is not as common as it once was. After hearing a disaster story or two most businessmen avoid procrastinating in that important area and have made arrangements for data backup and storage. Information runs industry and so we are dependant on the little spinning disks, hot surfaces, and filmy surfaces that carry our thoughts from machine to machine, from desk to desk, and from city to city in our everyday dealings.


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