Top Wipeouts on World’s Biggest Waves

Have you ever wondered what makes a wave dangerous? In fact, the danger depends mainly on the hazardous surf spot. A vivid example is the world’s largest wave machine in Teahupoo, Tahiti. Underneath the water lies reef break. Hence, just after 15 minutes paddling off shore surfers will face with the most powerful and tremendous waves ever produced on Earth. More dangerously, falling off the wave is a possible guarantee of crashing the razor sharp coral reef six feet below the ocean’s surface. However, thanks to the super advanced equipments, best surfers have been to all ideal beaches to surf the biggest and best waves on the planet. Surf photographer Brian Bielmann has also travelled around the globe with best surfers to capture such stunning surfing images.


The reef break at six feet beneath the water of Teahupoo, Tahiti continuously produces huge barreling waves which make this place one of the most dangerous ocean to surf. In the picture, the surfer is flying on the crest of a heavy wave.


In Hawaii, a big wave is starting to crash over a surfer, separating the contact of him and his board.


Kalani Chapman is crashing out in the late afternoon in Hawaiian beach. The image captures both the surfer and amazing sunsets right behind the Hawaiian waves.


The wave is breaking in Hawaiian beach which causes the surfer’s losing control.


Photographer Bielmann takes the picture of his friend Flea in a surf contest in Hawaii. In this dramatic shot, the surfer is going into a massive tumble.


A surfer seems to be flying in air inside the huge wave in Hawaii.


Bruce Irons is going to be hit by a tremendous wave in Hawaii. Seeing by eyes this stunning moment, photographer Brian calls the feeling as “like hitting cement”


Kalani Chapman and his surfboard are falling apart in Hawaiian beach. It looks like that he is taking a liftoff.


This is one of the most dramatic wipeouts which is performed on Hawaiian beach. The surfer is crashing down freely.


The surfer is trying to keep his balance right before a tremendous and breaking wave in Hawaii.



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