Who is Big Al


Now who is Big AL, where does he live and why should you make a special trip to see him and his funny friends, friends who sing to you from the confines of their wall hook, inside this rustic hall?


Big Al is a great big cuddly bear with a deep soulful voice, and he is one of the performers at the Country Bear Jamboree in the Magic kingdom, in Orlando Florida, he helps you raise the roof in laughter as you sing a long with his chums in this highly automated Walt Disney Classic!


The Country Bear Jamboree is a real unique highly developed imaginative musical experience that will have you singing and clapping, as these gentle hairy creatures entertain you, their repertoire is full of old fashioned ballads and some real Grizzly humor!


Al’s funny head friends are actually stuffed animal heads that are mounted on the walls of Grizzly hall where the bears perform; their names are Buff, Max and Melvin. The MC of the show is Henry, he introduces you to some of the most talented bears you will ever meet, their expertise in singing and playing a variety of musical instruments is to admired considering some of their  they are performances take place over your head on a circus type swing.


This bunch of very talented Grizzly bears are always ready for a sing song, however when the autumn leaves fall and the season changes in preparation  for the Christmas holiday these musical bears turn their attention to a range of Yuletide favorites.


It is sad to think that this was one of the last attractions that Walt Disney helped to create, however he has left us with an excellent fun filled foot stamping hand clapping attraction which will take all your worries away.


Walt Disney originally planned a ski resort home for these bears in California, however our Grizzly friends were pleased to travel to Orlando in 1971 when their original home did not come to fruition, they have been happy to perform for guests ever since in their new home, the Magic Kingdom Orlando.