An Appreciation of Lynn McTaggart, The Field, The Intention Experiment

As I continue to write articles about alternative health medicine I am impressed at the emerging scientific validation of the world of the metaphysical. Lynn McTaggart, an award winning British author born in 1951 has become one of the principle advocates of experimentation in the new and exciting field of quantum physics. Not long ago I was invited to a join a teleconference with where McTaggert explained her efforts in moving forward with a project she named The Intention Experiment. The purpose of the experiment is to prove the activity of quantum force in the field of consciousness.

The project McTaggart developed is called “Living the Field”, established on an understanding of the Zero Point Field as applied in quantum mechanics. She has created a large scale web-based investigation to discover how and if intention can be measured and the effect in the physical world.

The Intention Experiment is an amazing advance in our understanding of consciousness as being a field of all possibilities and the establishment of matter. Proven in small groups McTaggart now has opened the experiment to anyone who wants to participate. I read both “The Field” and “The Intention Experiment” and was impressed by the research and approach to help me understand. This sort of experimentation adds credibility to any kind of energy medicine.

In addition to the intention experiment McTaggert and her husband Bryan Hubbard direct a company called “What Doctors Don’t Tell You” that publish newsletter that critique mainstream medicine she also appears in the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know.”

Lynn McTaggart is a well respected spokesperson on the practice of conventional and alternative medicine. Her company spearheaded the Health Freedom Movement, a nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting European and International Laws threatening freedom of choice in natural medicine. I appreciate McTaggart’s contribution to the world of new scientific theory that makes sense of supernatural phenomena and her dedication to the defense of the world of alternative health care. McTaggert’s additional books :

• The Baby Brokers, The Marketing of White Babies in America
• Kathleen Kennedy, Her Life and Times
• What Doctors Don’t Tell You

My name is Bill Tallmon. I am an alternative health care doctor and offer homeopathic and naturopathic consultations. My Doctorate degrees are Naturopathic Doctor and Doctor of Philosophy in Natural Health. I am a long time reader of ancient civilizations and ancient and modern philosophies of European, Greek, Chinese, Indian, Muslim, and other cultures. I am a collector of ancient and modern quotes. My PhD dissertation Natural Health and the Biotech Revolution investigates the modern wave of biotechnology and its potential impact on health.
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