Jet Blue Aircrafts Were About To Appear In Yellow Color Once

JetBlue Airways is an American airline company started in 1999, being a low cost airline, it serves mainly operates between destinations in the United States of America, in line with its original plan of  having it as a Taxi in the Air, even thought of painting Yellow color to its aircrafts to look like New York Taxis, operating its 172 aircrafts covering 71 destinations, from its base hub at John F Kennedy International Airport, with its company slogan ‘You above all’.

JetBlue airways was the only one which did not suffer the onslaught of 9/11 episode,  by which many airline companies were affected, which fact encouraged launching of two mini rival carriers Song and Jet by Delta and United Airlines, however both of them died a natural death.

JetBlue airways has been bagging awards since inception, to quote a few

•  It was named number one US domestic airline by Conde Nast Traveler  in 2007 for the sixth consecutive year in a row
•  It got the Highest in Consumer Satisfaction Among Low Cost Carriers in North America from J D Power and Associates in 2011 for the seventh successive year
•  It is ranked 4 star low cost carrier by Skytrax, becoming the only US airline above 3 star rating
•  It was ranked as the 2nd Best Commercial Airliner in the US by Consumer Reports Magazine in 2011.

Air Canada is the largest airline and the flag air carrier of Canada, which commenced its operations in 1965 although founded in 1936, operating its fleet of 205 covering 105 destinations, 178 if the cargo destinations are taken into account, also the world’s tenth largest passenger airline by number of destinations and Air Canada is one of the founding members of Star Alliance.

Air Canada has the following subsidiaries too:

1.Air Canada Cargo
2.Aveos Fleet Performance Inc
3.Air Canada Vacations
4.Air Canada Express
5.Air Canada Jetz

Air Canada had earlier four more subsidiaries, namely Air Canada Jazz, Zip, Air Canada Tongo and Aeroplan, while it has code share agreements now with 22 International Airline Companies.

Air Canada’s cabin classification is branded as follows:

•Executive First, which is International Business Class
•International Economy Class
•North American Executive Class
•North American Economy Class
•Air Canada Regional Flights Class

Air Canada operates is Frequent Flyer program under the name Aeroplan, which awards redeemable Miles which are obtainable  by a member not only for travel in Star Alliance flights, but also on hotel reservations, car rental bookings, some merchandise or charitable donations.

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