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In the optical networking industry, higher frequency of the current word is intelligent optical networks, intelligent optical network primarily follows the ASON (AutomaticSwitchedOpticalNetwork), or GMPLS (GeneralizedMultiprotocol Label Switching).

Intelligent optical network with GMPLS / ASON technology start highlighting the scale, we began to realize that transmission network construction and development not only includes delivery of hardware technology, unified network management transmission networks, transmission networks for unified control of the network construction and equipment of the other two dimensions of technological development. Network management and transmission of essentially simultaneous development of hardware technology, there are network management requirements, network management, relatively mature, but the early 21st century the rise of the control plane technology has just started late. This article will focus on the development of control plane technology.

Intelligent Optical Network Control Plane of the main features include three parts: automatic discovery, routing and connection control. Automatic topology discovery of resources and makes the network easier to expansion or upgrading, but also easy to maintain and manage; also based on routing and connection control functions, each with the transmission of control plane node, will be free to realize the establishment of business connections or removed; occur in the network failure when the control plane can be re-routed, resulting in the Internet without special protection for the reserved bandwidth of each business can avoid the trouble spots to re-establish the connection, thus improving network bandwidth utilization. In addition, the combination of protection and restoration, optical networks can provide a wealth of operational conservation, based on the reliability of different business requirements, can choose different ways to protect or restore. Current network operation GMPLS / ASON control plane, and the corresponding transmission plane by the SDH / SONET equipment, composition, and the GMPLS / ASON and SDH / SONET optical network enables the combination of reliability was improved, and received more and more widely application.

Transmission technology with each passing day. As more and more abundant types of business, group business bandwidth consumption increasing proportion of the business is also growing particles. In a group dominated era, everyone’s attention focused on CarrierEthernet and wavelength division on data services that require true color and high-capacity transmission. Originally designed for the voice carrying SDH / SONET equipment in the future seems increasingly bleak, which was questioned: ASON have a future? GMPLS / ASON control plane is not just rely on SDH / SONET equipment, ITU-T ASON standards applicable to the definition of SDH systems and OTN. Similarly, the automatic discovery, routing and connection control to bring the value of transmission networks also applies to CarrierEthernet equipment.

Large size businesses on the WDM transmission capacity of node traffic grooming challenge. In recent years, ROADM (ReconfigurableOpticalAdd-DropMultiplexer) technology has gained a definite breakthrough, WSS and other technical solutions based on MEMS optical wavelength can be re-assigned problem, which to some extent, to achieve flexible wavelength down and penetrating. The industry has been launched with several manufacturers of optical layer properties can be re-equipped with WDM systems. Moreover, the OTN nodes on WDM in the definition, end to end management, have the advantage, therefore, OTN has become a hot topic, began to appear in commercial transmission equipment. Followed by a pair of wavelength / sub-wavelength dynamic control requirements?? As ASON is to the SDH / SONET, ADM equipment. WDM equipment ASON / GMPLS control plane infrastructure functions shall include: network resources (network elements, fiber optic, link, time slot, etc.) automatic discovery, automatic network topology discovery; optical wavelength sub-wavelength operation and rapid delivery of business clicks, light layer of wavelength-level business protection and restoration, layer sub-wavelength level protection, restoration, and the combination of protection and restoration of other basic functions. However, the wave subsystems to achieve GMPLS / ASON control plane’s difficult to be much larger than SDH / SONET control plane, control plane need to be considered due to light some of the optical layer constraints, such as power, dispersion, letters to noise ratio and so on; and if we consider OTN The ODU1/ODU2 cross-particles, and the coexistence of OTN and ROADM, then the control plane must involve multi-layer control problems, bringing even more complicated. GMPLS / ASON control plane used in WDM system is an inevitable trend, some large foreign operating business has released a number of white paper or a joint request for proposals RFP, which clearly put forward based on WDM’s GMPLS / ASON control plane of ideas or needs , several manufacturers have announced support for WDM-based GMPLS / ASON control plane, it has not yet commercially proven.

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