5 Reasons to Take the Train Rather Than the Plane

For long distance journeys, plane travel is often the only practical way of getting where you need to be. However, those making shorter trips or domestic journeys could find alternative forms of transport greatly preferable – particularly trains.

Travelling by train gives you the chance to watch the landscape passing by in a way that simply isn’t possible from a plane window. For many people, this is reason enough to take trains across the UK or in foreign countries, where the journey forms an essential part of the holiday experience rather than being simply a means to an end. While travelling by coach or car can be similarly practical, the views from a busy motorway are not likely to be as enriching as those on cross-country train routes.

If you are travelling by train in other countries, this can also be the best way to introduce yourself to new cultures and ways of life, as towns and villages pass by and you can watch people going about their business. In some countries, you may even see animals crossing the tracks or old-style carriages giving you a taste of history, while the people you meet on board could provide invaluable local knowledge to help you get around when you reach your destination.

Some people are wary about travelling by train in other countries, but in reality there are typically several options to choose from, depending on whether you prefer to travel like a local or wish to enjoy the luxury of first class or sleeper trains – many of which will be a great deal cheaper than back home too. That means you won’t have to worry about overcrowding or whether the train has air conditioning, as these factors can be taken care of when you book.

Train travel isn’t only preferable to planes for the experience it offers – it can also be a lot less stressful, as you won’t have to arrive at the station hours in advance of departure or pass through intrusive security checks as you would do at airports. You will be in greater control of your luggage, and your journey can still be covered by travel insurance depending on the terms of your policy.

Whether you’re taking a Brussels city break or travelling through the Italian countryside, you should find it relatively easy to book your tickets in person at the station, over the phone or on the internet, to ensure your journey goes according to plan.

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