How To Become A Pilot In Australia When To Fly A Plane

What is the minimum age that I can learn to fly?

Everyone wishes to learn how to fly. However, considering the age requirements imposed in some countries or operators, not everyone may qualify for cadet training programs. Definitely, age is considered to guarantee one’s maturity in accomplishing a particular goal or task. With the complexity of knowledge and skills given during flight training, it is important to consider one’s age to see to it that it is appropriate on the individual’s level of understanding and readiness.

Teenagers can now begin to take flying lessons provided that they are tall enough to reach all the controllers of the aircraft. Of course, it is for their safety during the flying lessons especially on the application part. Now, considering various aspects of learning to fly an aircraft, flight training might require a minimum age requirement. For instance, only those who are age 15 can take the private pilot knowledge examination. The minimum age to solo an airplane is age 16 and the minimum age to qualify for a private pilot license is age 17. Now, if we talk about being a commercial pilot, you must be at least 18 years of age. This is true for the younger pilots.

For those who are thinking that they are perhaps too old and may not be given a chance to fly, you’re wrong. There is still hope for you to be complete flying lessons and training and learn how to fly. There is no maximum age requirement to take flying lessons. All you need is to complete the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) medical to get a private pilot certificate. You must be in good health so that you could fully perform the functions of a pilot. There may be additional medical requirements applicable to older pilots.

Even if you have commenced your flight training later in life, you may still get the opportunity to obtain employment in the airline industry. Age should not be a hindrance for you to achieve your dream of becoming a pilot and experiencing to work in an aviation industry. As long as you meet all the necessary requirements, you have all the qualifications needed, you have the licenses required and you clearly understand the nature of airline industry. Once you have completed all your training and gained experience it would make sense to lodge applications to all carriers – given the looming pilot shortage and aircraft orders you could be an ideal candidate!. As long as your age does not affect the accomplishment of your tasks as a pilot of any type of aircraft such as airplane, jet or helicopter, you should not stop from dreaming of becoming a professional pilot and being able to work for one of the major airlines. Age will not be the sole selection criteria for possible airline employees. Your skills and competencies are important. Despite your age, you can still be a productive worker in an airline and I am sure that you can contribute a lot. Besides age, companies and industries will also take into consideration of your experience and capabilities. In addition, whether you are young or old, it is a must that you know how to accept your limitations and be able to further improve them to your advantage. And one more thing, young or old, you should not stop from believing in yourself and growing and developing professionally and personally. Young or old, as long as the commitment and dedication are there, you could work hand in hand and collaborate with one another for you to learn from each other through sharing your experiences which can help shape, mold and hone you into a mature individual. Age does not matter!

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