Japanese Surprise: Suning Conspiracy Behind Mergers Laox

2007 9 20, when the famous Japanese

Home Appliances Announced closure of the largest retailers LAOX time flagship store in Tokyo Electric Road – Akihabara under a heavy rain. Perhaps God, that a fortune from the Akihabara Electric

Sell Companies, from this position into the dark. 134 shops have closed down, and today only 18 small shops.

2009 6 18, the Nihon Keizai Shimbun Post a message for the whole world was shocked the Japanese economy: “China’s second largest home appliance retailer

Suning Intends to LAOX reverted to its. “Reported that Suning will invest 1.5 billion yen of about 110000000 yuan acquisition LAOX 30% stake, thus the largest shareholder holding LAOX. The report also made clear that Suning and LAOX next week the announcement at a press conference.

A result of this news, the stock is LAOX spacecraft such as the catch, straight to heaven. Several hours later, had announced daily limit. End the day up more than 83%, almost doubled.

The whole of Japan talking about the question: “Why do the Chinese buy LAOX?” Can clearly answer this question, the 100 million of 20 million Japanese are not a person.

Business in 1930 LAOX, can be said to a Japanese home appliance retail old shop. Different from other home appliances retailer, it was born in Japan’s largest electric street – Akihabara, home appliance retailers in Japan as “royal.” Prosperity through Akihabara, LAOX to develop rapidly, from the last century, 90 years, LAOX announced that Japan’s biggest retailer to do to start a large number of mergers outside Tokyo and local cities, home appliances sales company. Career’s most brilliant, LAOX in more than 150 stores nationwide, ranked second in sales.

However, LAOX “city of surprise from the rural” strategy, and soon by Yamada Motor and other Japanese to the local urban and rural areas as the center of the home appliance retailers in the hunt. In 2003, LAOX in northeastern Japan now has the black and blue, while in the Kansai region was hit was beating local retailers. Although a large number of relevant shops that withdraw troops, but there’s a huge company operating deficit, no one can pay. In 2004, overseas investment companies have to accept the funds from this fate exhausted.

LAOX in Tokyo’s Akihabara Electric Street head office

Under LAOX latest annual report, fiscal year 2008 sales revenue of 40.648 billion yen of about 2.886 billion yuan, less than 31% in 2007. This is the LAOX losses for 9 consecutive years. The ranking of the industry in Japan has also been dropped from the second section 10.

Into 2009, LAOX into the company’s business restructuring. The core of this restructuring is the shots of existing stores, making final preparations for the bankruptcy. This year in March, LAOX reached with rival Wild Island electrical shop purchase agreement, plans to transfer part of the wild island of electrical shops, but both sides quickly LAOX unilaterally terminated the agreement and announced plans in Tokyo, Kanagawa and other one is three counties The 15 suburban stores before the end of September this year, all closed, prepared to burn its boats. At this critical juncture, Suning suddenly appear in LAOX side, and claimed to be God when LAOX the quadrangle. Can not read Japanese, the Chinese people are confused.

LAOX news reports about the Japanese economy, expressed unusual caution. In the June 18 Tokyo stock market opened only last 15 minutes, LAOX issued a emergency declaration of cooperation with Suning published information is not itself, not an exact price. LAOX’s statement reads as follows: “about China’s Suning Appliance Company and my community a message of cooperation to the capital, not my community released. So far, this is not the decision of the facts. If this final decision, we will be tell you the fastest. “

Read LAOX this statement, you can find: first, LAOX denied revealing the message of cooperation with Suning; second, denied that the so-called Suning has decided to cooperate with the news; third, suggesting that if, as cooperation with Suning report said if the media will be informed.

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