Kia Crashes The Green Car Party With The Kia Hybrid Car

Kia Crashes the Green Car Party with the Kia Hybrid Car
Remember when Kia first hit the market and other car manufacturers were laughing at them? Well, they haven’t been laughing in quite some time as Kia continues to put out attractive looking vehicles for far less money than anyone else. They have now unleashed their latest entry into the hybrid market at the new Kia hybrid car would appear to be something special lenovo thinkpad r400 battery. Before we get into anything else, let’s just talk about the design for a second. While the new BMW is hot, Kia is doing a pretty nice job for a lot less money. While it may not have the go power of the BMW, it has a look that will surely turn some heads. This is just a flat out sharp looking ride and it is not hard at all to see this car catching on rather quickly with the younger generation.
The car is designed to get power from the gasoline engine, the battery or both of them depending on the current condition. The technology will reward the car owner with a range of about 746 miles and an incredible fuel rating of 202 mpg. The battery alone can power the car for about 50 miles on a single charge. These numbers will surely keep some money in everyone’s wallet.
This car is truly a green car as it is made with recycled materials and has solar panels built into the roof of the vehicle. These panels will power some of the internal controls of the car, thereby reduction the carbon footprint and making it even more attractive to anyone trying to save the eco system.
Looking at this car up and down, it is really tough to find anything unlikeable. The Sony VGP-BPL9 battery design is cool, its fuel efficient, and saves power by using solar cells. Did we mention that it looks really cool? This is a car that is surely going to be a hit and will once again solidify Kia’s spot on the automobile market. Just don’t be surprised when this baby shows up in some high society driveways because it really is that cool looking.

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