Local Search engines increases rapidly replacing the old offline services

Local Search Engine- Gone are those days when consumers relied on local newspapers, local Television, Radio stations to find in formations about local product and services. Web has changed it all and with the advent of it consumers are increasingly using local search engines to find their local product and services online. As a result, the use of local search engines have increased rapidly and other offline information services such as newspapers, Radio, yellow pages have minimized considerably.

Typical local search engine includes ‘what’ the site visitor is searching for (may be keywords, the name of the consumer products, the category of the business etc) and ‘where’ (the address, city name) etc.

Local search engine sites are supported from the revenue and advertising from business which wish to be featured when users search for specific products and specific services in a preferred location.

Some of the local search engines are adjunct to major web search portals which include Windows Live Local, Yahoo Local, and ask.com’s AskCity. Yahoo has a better way to deal with local search engines as it separates the local search engine features into Yahoo Local and Yahoo Maps. Yahoo Local is focused on business data and correlating it with web data and Yahoo Maps focuses on the Map features.

It just does not provide local in formations, but also the local search engine offers local business the possibility to upload their business data to their respective local search databases. Other forms of local search engines are Google Maps (formerly Google Local) helps in finding in formations about physical addresses mentioned in regular web pages. It provides results to visitors along with business and map listings. Local search engines which is product specific based uses techniques for collecting in formations about products based on particular geographical locations.

The uses of local search engines are varied and help in many ways. It involves a Recovery search and discovery search. Recovery search means a customer knows who is looking for but does not know the phone number or address. Same way Discovery search means one knows what she wants but not from whom she wants.

Thus Local search engine is extremely beneficial and with the use of specialized Internet services it allows you to find in formations about anything and everything. 

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