Solar Business Development Planted Plane Trees Led To Golden Phoenix

Tongji in 2009 during the annual Sunshine Solar Dealers, China solar energy heat utilization industry coalition’s executive director Luozhen Tao of Tongji sun during a visit to research centers and automatic assembly line, the research center for the construction of Tongji approach the sun, could not help tilt thumb said, Tongji sunlight to create solar energy enterprises in Zhejiang two first: the first research center and the first fully automated production line.

This is Luozhu Ren as industry leaders praise Tongji sun, it is he, as a technology worker to focus on research and development, Tongji sun heartfelt praise.

Solar energy companies rely on technology development

South solar water heater no technical content. All along, this is the solar industry for solar energy enterprises of Zhejiang general view of the product in the manufacturing process, the most popular imitation like to follow suit. Like 35 people will form a solar energy company, product manufacturing process is not a decent quality inspection, quality control system, most of them have decided on a racking our brains. Let alone have their own research center, even if there is also the fabled, not much input.

Also precisely because of this one-sided, and many people in the development of Zhejiang enterprises do not hold much hope, generally considered the only moment of interest earned, there is no long-term development vision.

This fact was to a group led by Tongji sunlight solar energy enterprises in Zhejiang, rewritten, they attach importance to scientific research, dare to invest, and do everything possible to invite well-known industry experts to do technical consultants, and paid the expertise to carry out research and manufacturing, This is actually the most fundamental importance to the brand.

In the solar thermal industry in 2009 at the annual meeting, known as the “father of solar energy,” said Professor Xue Zuqing, in person, the use of solar thermal industry is facing rapid development, from the heart to put forward advice: Solar Industry by science and technology. This is a lifetime in solar energy technology R & D personnel from the bottom of heartfelt words, from a practical point of view of truth set, solar energy companies should pay attention to R & D, to attach importance to science and technology workers.

Long after, the sun Tongji Institute for the completion of a batch of old once again Luo Zhentao researchers see the future of the new force of solar companies, sees a number of Zhejiang enterprises grew rapidly.

Innovation, corporate development John Power Brand in 2009 in Qingdao of China Festival, Tongji spectrum of sunlight was the solar industry awards for innovation Gold Award, which is one of the few solar industry, which shows the self-innovation in the advantages.

As a leader in solar energy enterprises of Zhejiang, Tongji sun has been the development and promotion of their own to stimulate and promote the overall level of Jiaxing, the development of solar energy industry. The company has cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences Guangzhou Institute of Energy established the laboratory in Jiaxing, Zhejiang University jointly conducted with a series of solar thermal application technology research and development, combined with the Chinese Academy of home appliances such as the form of strategic partners, leveraging research institutes , and strengthen scientific and technological content and products. Meanwhile, the company with the technology, but also continue to introduce technical personnel, with the active Jiaxing Science and Technology Commission completed a series of technology projects have achieved some results. Currently, Tongji sun has been identified as a national high-tech enterprises. Jin, general manager of pipe at the meeting also said the company in addition to increased research and development in solar water heaters, the company will also flat water heater, air source heat pumps and other products R & D will also continue to introduce in 2010 a number of new products, the real vigorously promote the implementation of new energy sources, support for national sustainable development and the purpose of improving people’s lives.

Planted plane trees, lead to Golden Phoenix

At the meeting, general manager of Golden State management also mentioned that the establishment of research centers also building another layer of meaning, is to make it into the company’s “expert floor”, to recruit more outstanding researchers to join the Tongji sun.

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