Swap a Plane For a Mountain Bike on Your Family Holiday

If you are looking for something a little different to do on your family holiday this year, why not take your family on a mountain bike holiday, available throughout Britain. A mountain bike holiday allows families to enjoy the great outdoors together and there is so much more besides cycling to do at most of the locations. Wildlife watching, horse riding and other energetic activities can be combined with cultural distractions like visiting museums or historic castles. Far from boring, British holidays offer visitors and locals to experience more culture, wildlife, activities and general fun than any other country in the world. Your children can learn the importance of preserving our natural habitat and being responsible for their actions whilst travelling around the area on two wheels.

The government sponsored Forestry Commission details the best locations for a family mountain biking holiday on its website, and some of the best are described below. Whilst the landscape, trails and activities around the area are all different, there is a common theme among them all; stunning scenery and loads of things to keep everyone entertained. You don’t have to worry if some members of your family are better bikers than others, as there are trails designed to suit all levels of skill. In ascending order of difficulty, green are the easiest trails followed by blue, red and black, although you have to be fairly proficient to be able to master a black trail.

Kielder forest is one of the northernmost locations in England, and is home to a variety of trails of all different levels. Take advantage of Hamsterley forest and Chopwell Woodland Park where you can also take your bikes for a spin. Horse riding, orienteering and wildlife watching are just a tiny selection of the activities available to you when visiting this part of the country.

In the town of Keswick in the Lake District you will find some of the most professionally built and safely monitored mountain bike trails in the whole of Britain. Newly finished, Whinlatter Forest Park is home to the longest purpose built trails in the Lake District and after you have finished biking for the day, you can take a ride on the cool lakes or be really brave and do a bit of swimming.

If the sole purpose of your holiday is to mountain bike for as many hours of the day you can, then Bedgebury is the spot for you. A family cycle track stretching ten kilometres and circling two thousand acres of forest has been newly surfaced so that even the most novice bike riders will feel firmly within their comfort zone. However, step off the family track and you will discover twelve kilometres of single track trails built for more experienced or just plain brave mountain bikers. There is also a purpose built free ride area for the show-offs in the family wanting to perfect their skills at jumping and downhill stunts.

You can take your own mountain bike to all of these locations although there is the opportunity to hire them once you have arrived. If you are a regular biker, I would suggest taking your bike with you to save on the extra costs. You can even take them on the train if you decide to travel that way. So there is no excuse for not taking advantage of the diverse and challenging mountain bike trails Britain has to offer, just try not to fall off and embarrass the kids in front of their cool new friends!

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