Find my iPhone Stories

There are several GPS tracking apps which can help you recover your devices in case you misplace them or they are stolen. One of the best apps of this kind comes from Apple and it is called Fin my iPhone. This app lets you track down your iPhone or iPad on a map, sent messages to it and implement a kill switch which can be triggered in case you need it. The internet is full of stories about this app and how it got people out of trouble more than once.

One of the best places to find stories about this app is Find my iPhone Stories website. There many stories which show how the find my iPhone app and Mobile ME had proved to be of service.

For instance you can find out how this app has helped find a missing plane, a Chilean military airplane crashed somewhere on Chile’s Pacific coast. One of the victims had an iPhone featuring the Find My iPhone app which provided its GPS location to Apple’s Find My iPhone service just until hitting the water, and this way accurate GPS coordinates could be established.

Other story tells about one guy who got his iPhone stolen at a night club and managed to recover it from the thief. The guy tracked down the phone inside of a building and triggered the alarm on the stolen iPhone by using his dad’s device. After a few failed attempts, he managed to hear the alarm ringing in one of the apartments. After knocking hard on the door, some guy answered, but was not very pleased to hear my friend’s story and the fact that he wanted his phone back. At first he claimed that the alarm was his ringtone, than he became a bit violent, but everything settled when my friend offered him some money in exchange for the iPhone.

On the other hand, another story tells about the Find my iPhone app used as a stalking tool. It is about a young girl whose boyfriend was pretty excited when he discovered that now you can locate iphone or PEOPLE by using your icloud account. He used the app to track her down and spy on her.

Lots of other stories are available on the Find My iPhone Stories website, and you can add your own story if you wish. Share with other people your experience regarding this Apple app or others. You can also find useful iPhone security tips or how to set up iCloud easy and without hassle.



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