Teen Drivers Involved In Fatal Crashes At Four Times the Rate of Adult Drivers

So that’s an alarming title, isn’t it? Are teen drivers really involved in crashes in which someone dies at a rate four times as much as adult drivers? According to one insurer in a newsletter piece, that’s the case. Using its recent research, as well as that of The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, the insurer shared the most common mistakes that can result in a crash.

According to the insurer, serious errors by teen drivers caused seventy-five percent of the fatal crashes in which they were involved. And what were those mistakes?

• The teen driver didn’t scan the road to look out for hazards, and wasn’t able to respond when hazards arose;

• The teen driver was driving too fast for the conditions present on the road. Driving too fast meant the driver didn’t have time to respond to what other drivers on the road were doing. Driving too fast also meant the driver couldn’t negotiate a curve.

• The teen driver was distracted by something in the vehicle, or outside of it.

Those are some basics drivers learn as they mature and spend more time behind the wheel. So what can you do to help a young driver develop all that experience and skill? Teach scanning! When you are helping a young driver during practice sessions, and the teenager is behind the wheel, encourage him or her to scan way ahead of the car they’re in and the car immediately in front of them. Teach them to look from side to side, to be aware of what other vehicles are doing, and to watch for things that may be shaping up down the road, such as slowing traffic, cars stopping short, debris on the road, and anything else that could be a hazard.

There’s an old saying, “a little knowledge goes a long way.” Help your young driver go a long, safe way throughout a lifetime of driving by giving your teen some driving tips now.

According to research, there were more than 30,000 car accidents in the United States in 2009. The number of car accidents has increased over the past two years. According to the police chief of Los Angeles, there are many factors that are affecting this and the amount of teenage drivers on the road is definitely a determing factor. Teenagers are much more likely to get in a car crash, as well as elderly drivers.

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