More Flights To Adelaide With Malaysian Airline

By March 2011, the airline plans on increasing its flights to Adelaide, a prominent city of Australia by around 50%. In a statement today, John Rau, Minister for Tourism has expressed that he was thrilled by Malaysian Airline decision to increase its number of flights into Adelaide from Kuala Lumpur from four flights a week to six flights.

He further elaborated that this increase in flights adds a further 29,000 seats into Adelaide each year.

The introduction of these additional services, representing a 50% increase on the current number of Malaysia Airlines services, is testament to the pulling power of our international standard airport,

In 2010, Australia has been getting fruitful outcome of its high paced efforts in encouraging tourism to the continent. As Malaysian airline operates flights from and to Kuala Lumpur from a variety of destinations around the world, this connection is likely to make it easier for travelers to get connected with Australia more speedily and with a significant airline.

Mr. Rau said:
South Australias tourism industry stands to gain significantly from this increase in direct flights through improved access to our target markets including Europe, India, China, and Malaysia. He added: Increasing direct international flights into Adelaide is a key strategy of the South Australian Tourism Plan 2009-14, which aims for $ 6.3 billion in tourism expenditure by 2014.

Malaysian airline flights to Adelaide are currently flying on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday and Sunday, with the new addition of two more flights a week, the airline will now operate flights on Monday and Friday as well.

Mr. John Rau Minister for Tourism, Australia also said that the new flights are set to further build on South Australias recent international tourism success. Quoting the figures he said:
During 2009-10, 363,600 international visitors spent almost 8.2 million nights in South Australia, a 5% increase in visitor numbers on the previous financial year and a 16% increase in visitor nights. These international visitors spent around $ 685 million in our State during 2009-10, or an average of almost $ 1,900 per visitor, helping us edge closer to our visitor expenditure goal of $ 6.3 billion.

At this occasion, Mr Rau also expressed his gratitude for Malaysia Airlines continued support of South Australia, evident from its partnership with events such as the Santos Tour Down Under, as well as its decision to locate its Australian and New Zealand call centre, employing more than 50 staff in Adelaide.

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