Notable Mobile Stories in 2010

Mobile industry has witnessed many changes in 2010, from the “battles” among operating systems to the competition on releasing new products. Angry Birds, released by Rovio, was considered as the most popular mobile game. The Apple iPhone 4 was regarded as the best-selling handset. The PSP phone from Sony Ericsson has caused much of rumors. Email, instant messaging and Web browsing on BlackBerrys have been banned in United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Those are some notable stories in the mobile industry this year. 2010 mobile industry also features several other interesting stories related to Smartphone operating systems such as Microsoft Kins, Microsoft Windows Phone 7, and Google Android.


Most persistent rumor: PSP Phone

The rumors of a PSP phone from Sony Ericsson have appeared since 2006, but it became more “uproarious” when Engadget announced that the product was coming.


Best-selling smartphone: Apple iPhone 4

 Apple iPhone 4 is the best-selling handset in the monthly Top 10 charts of Cnet. More than 1.7 million iPhone 4 was sold in just three days after being released.


Most prominent glitch: Apple antennagate

iPhone 4’s Antennagate and death grip were among the hottest topics of the year when Consumer Reports refused to recommend this controversial handset due to problems with its reception.


Most promising smartphone operating system: Microsoft Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 has been experienced 18 months of development work. With elegant design, it is not only easy to use but also has beautiful interface


Most anticipated technology: Near Field Communication

NFC, short for Near Field Communications, is a wireless communication technology. It can enable the exchange of data between devices over about a 10-centimeter distance. Google has applied NFC in its Android smartphones.


Most popular mobile game: Angry Birds by Rovio

Angry Birds, released in December 2009, is a famous and interesting game which is available on the iOS, Android, Symbian and webOS platforms.


Most shortlived handset: Microsoft Kins

Microsoft spent over two years and a lot of money developing the Kin until its release in 2010. However, less than two months after the products hit the market, Microsoft decided to stop selling it because of its disappointing sale.


Most highly profiled news: Ban on BlackBerry

Producers of BlackBerry smartphones and Research In Motion had to face big trouble in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia when email, instant messaging and Web browsing on BlackBerrys were banned in these countries.


Most controversial smartphone operating system: Google Android

The fast pace of Android updates has caused the different ideas. Although receiving a lot of good comments, Android makes people fear about its changes. The good news is that the speed of Android updates will be slowed down.


Most exciting feature to look out for: 3D-enabled mobile phones

Japanese telco NTT Docomo has recently announced an Android smartphones which can display dynamic 3D images. Sharp has also created a camera module that can record 720p movies in 3D.



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