The Military Application of U.S. directed at outer space

U.S. Navy in a recent test, the speed of electromagnetic rail guns to 5 times the speed of sound high over the speed of sound, and hit the target to 200 kilometers, with a range of conventional weapons for the Navy 10 times, and the destructive power of amazing. The experiment in Dahlgren, Virginia, on the ground operations center, resulting in a record 33 million joules of energy. U.S. military spokesman said the strong currents generated by the kinetic energy guns, shells will be re-accelerate to 3 kg per second, 2.5 km, the biggest problem now is to create a new power plant is equipped with warships. Through this test, the U.S. research and development of high-powered weapons – Electromagnetic Rail Gun a further step to success. U.S. military targets measured in 8 years at sea, and in 2025 formally with the warship.

U.S. short-term application of electromagnetic rail gun is mainly reflected in the low-altitude short-range tactical ballistic missile defense and air defense, and its application will greatly enhance the tactical anti-missile capability. Currently, the use of traditional principles of anti-missile defense system can not effectively in the boost phase of flight intercept tactical ballistic missiles, tactical ballistic missiles mainly because of the typical boost phase flight time is 50-150 seconds. To achieve the boost phase intercept defense systems to detect emission from the reaction time generally not exceeding 10-20 seconds, which is almost impossible for traditional defense systems to do so. Electromagnetic rail gun’s muzzle velocity is an important feature fast. Assume that the initial velocity of the projectile can reach 4 km / s, projectile flight 30-130 seconds, if the atmospheric drag and the bending caused by the flight path from the loss of a projectile by the target missile flight and greet to get compensated, it generally can be blocked 120-520 km at a distance is still in boost phase launched tactical ballistic missiles. Boost phase anti-missile warheads to be used controlled by the need to address resistance to impact load, high-speed search the last paragraph, the failure mechanism and other issues. U.S. reserves of this technology, perhaps in the early 21st century to form anti-missile boost phase of the electromagnetic rail gun presentation skills. Except for its boost phase missile defense, it can also attack the missile launchers and the like ground targets.

Electromagnetic rail gun for the low-altitude short-range air defense, to be used controlled electromagnetic rail gun emission-free electric gun firing projectiles or controlled warheads. Intercept the target, including a variety of tactical missiles and other aircraft. Studies show that uncontrolled projectile hit probability remains the same in the premise, in order to increase the interception distance, the most effective way is to increase the projectile velocity, projectile mass rather than increase, the requirements on the export of kinetic energy decreased. Therefore, the use of low-level uncontrolled projectiles were short-range air defense, the general use of the electromagnetic rail gun with high muzzle velocity and quality of small, small body weight alloy long rod projectile. No control for low-altitude short-range anti-aircraft projectiles, no more than 5 kilometers from the interceptor, projectile muzzle velocity of 3-4 km / s, projectile mass of about 100 grams, less than a 10-20 bursts hair.

Electromagnetic rail gun is not in the launch of flame and smoke, do not produce shock waves, can not easily be discovered by the enemy. In addition, electromagnetic rail guns can be deployed in areas far from the main battlefield. As head of Naval Research Carl said: “The Navy can launch at least 200 km away from shells, so that sailors away from danger.” In addition, only the emission of electromagnetic rail gun projectile, eliminating the need for artillery shells and gunpowder, to reduce the cost and pollution. It does not require strong ignition barrel and complex organizations, there are no “bore bombing” of the danger. In addition, the nature and range of the target can be quickly adjusted the length of the size of the electromagnetic force to control the emission energy of the projectile. General gun range is only 20 kilometers, but the accuracy is poor, although the effective range of cruise missiles over 300 kilometers, but they are expensive, but a ship can only carry 70, as not working at sea, added must also be returned to port. Zeyi long range electromagnetic rail gun, low cost, convenient transportation, and added a number of advantages such as high hopes for the U.S. Department of Defense. Electromagnetic rail gun was even after 2020, the U.S. Army as the main weapons the Army tank program of candidate technologies.

According to U.S. media reports, the Navy plans to achieve during the year 2020-2025 megajoule electromagnetic rail gun 64 initial energy. According to Russian media reports, the U.S. Navy has plans on the DDG-1000 destroyer equipped with the electromagnetic rail gun. The ship-borne electromagnetic rail gun than with all-weather, GPS, precision firepower and long saturation capacity, it also helps to improve the Ship Survivability, since ships do not need ammunition, to simplify and optimize the ship structure provided the opportunity. The future, as the development of electromagnetic launch technology, gun muzzle in the general installation of electromagnetic acceleration system, can greatly enhance the range of artillery, so that the electromagnetic rail gun is expected to equip artillery.

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