American Airlines is buckling up to shield a copyright suit which could come from Universal Music Group. On Friday, lawyers for the airline told a Texas estimate that it expects being a defendant when a Standstill deal with the record giant expires on Nov.10. The court documents that are latest signal a potential attack that is coordinated to gain income from the airline carriers inside the nation. Sony sued its builders and United Airlines, which offered the possibility of a copyright fight over flights. The defendants asserted that they’d license to publicly perform music, but the case was settled before a judge weighed in on if the licenses were valid when Ireland was left by airlines.

UMG seems to have been eyeing American since Sony took on United. In May, a suit filed against Inflight Productions and Global Eagle Entertainment for reproducing, distributing performing music videos, sound recordings and compositions including those by Mahmood Khan, Taylor Swift Katy Perry, Weezer and Kanye West. The allegation claimed which your defendants were Working in concert with airlines. According to court records filed by American, UMG has threatened into include American into the California Action, and while it hasn’t done so yet, in August, your two sides agreed they’d not initiate litigation from each other until Sept 12, that was thereafter extended until Nov 10.