What You Need to Know About Airbus A380

The Airbus A380 is quite literally a giant in the aviation industry whose reputation exceeds itself. Being used for taking half of all commercial airline orders, when it comes to seating the above 100 seats category, its contribution to the aviation industry is enormous. This aircraft was designed for 140,000 flying hours, that’s a lot of air time!

A monumental marvel in aeronautical engineering, Airbus A380 has brought about a sizable change for commercial aviation across the world. Here are some outstanding features about the marvelous Airbus A380 that you should know about:


Colossal Structure

The sheer awe-striking size of its structure is sure to capture the passengers by surprise every time! Did you know that ever since its launch back in 2007, the Airbus A380 has stirred people all over with its non-traditional space and interior luxury, unmatched by any other commercial airline before.  The travel experience has never been the same. Insufficient leg space would be the least of your worries with the humongous Airbus. To get a clear sense of the Airbus’s impactful presence, more than 300 commercial flights are accomplished through Airbus A380 around the world every two minutes!


Save your bucks with its Economy class

Gone are the days when cramped flight cabins were reluctantly the only choice passengers had. Being at the forefront of advanced commercial aviation, A380 would appear as rather expensive for the masses in the eyes of the common layman. However, this is not the case.

The Airbus A380, is not restricted to prime top-class accommodation only, first as well as economy class is available to the comfort of all passengers in the aircraft. The cabins and seats are wide open allowing passengers to stretch out in a relaxing environment, bringing pleasure to air travel, for good.

Passenger Safety

Unlike conventional planes, the optimized design of the A380 has ample space to safely place and locate equipments, cables and pipes out of harm’s way. All the passenger seats have been passed through stringent durability and head-impact protection tests and each seat on the A380 is capable of enduring 16gs of force to absorb the impact, even if the moving aircraft comes to an abrupt halt.

Additionally, the seat cushions along with the fabric is self extinguishing and incapable of sustaining fire. They cannot emit any toxic smoke that might hinder vision and make it harder for passengers to locate the exits in case of emergencies. The cabin walls are completely fire retardant and lighting on the floor guides passengers towards the exit if worst comes to shove.


Luxury interior

Travelers are drawn to the comfort and freedom of Airbus A380, making it the average passenger’s desirable choice. The Airbus A380 has optimized the excess interior space to accommodate passengers on two whole decks all together.

Few mentionable aspects responsible for how this Airbus has upheld its attraction of travelers, are perhaps the voguish first-class suites which are isolated rooms on their own, the flight’s own bar to accommodate the passengers, invitingly serene cabin lighting, and nothing but the sound of cold air hissing through the seams of air conditioning units to provide the silence and peace that the tired passengers need for a serene sleep.


Efficiency in International Commercial Traveling

Airbus A380 has more seats than any other aircraft, which means its prevalence is sure to reduce the number of journeys by carrying more passengers each time.

60% more passengers in every trip than its preceding commercial aircrafts, to be precise!

In fact, it can carry 525 passengers and 3000 suitcases! Fewer journeys mean reduced air traffic. Additionally, it also means less fuel would be consumed to facilitate more people than before, through an eco-friendly approach, by respecting the carbon emissions being imposed on our planet.


An aircraft like none other

There’s more than what meets the eye when it comes to Airbus A380. Being an excellent model for aeronautical engineering, it is an emblem of the extensive wire work must that have gone into it.

If all its wiring is laid out end to end, it will stretch 320 miles! This aircraft is the first of its kind, being able to take off with 1235klb.

To help you conceive the mammoth size of the plane, each wing can have 70 family cars lined up on it, and only twenty runways in the world are currently capable of handling this aircraft since others aren’t long or wide enough for it!