One Of The Most Reputable Aircraft Mechanic Schools In North America ? Carolina Aeronautical

The very latest aviation equipment requires experts who understand the intricate dynamics of aircraft maintenance. As one of the most prestigious aircraft mechanic schools in North America, Carolina Aeronautical has become of the leading producers of top quality maintenance specialists, and they offer a wide breadth of courses for students to utilize for the advancement of their careers in this growing industry.

Carolina Aeronautical has spent over 14 years perfecting their education standards in order to present their students with the best foundation for a lucrative and rewarding career in the field. Their course catalogue includes a wide selection of programs designed to bring students up to date with the latest protocol emanating from the industry. Consider for example the school’s Aircraft Systems Familiarization course, which will help students learn the intricate mechanisms behind the latest aircraft as they are taught by some of the most experienced teachers in the field.

Indeed each of the courses offered allows students to learn the unique aspects of aircraft repair within one of the leading aircraft mechanic schools in America. But despite the ability to offer cutting-edge, innovative and hands-on teaching from the greatest minds in the industry, the programs themselves are available at an exceptionally low cost when compared to other aeronautical schools in the U.S. The school’s course prices range from $ 100-200 cheaper than their closest market competitors.

As one of the country’s top aircraft mechanic schools, Carolina Aeronautical offers an innovative and supportive learning environment for students. In the unlikely event that students don’t pass their exams after training at this high class facility, the institute will provide the student with five hours of free classes to help them achieve their goals.

This highly professional and supportive learning infrastructure is led by John G. Gallen who is the Owner/Lead Examiner and Instructor at the training school. In his 14 years leading the program at Carolina Aeronautical, Mr. Gallen has helped thousands of students to achieve certification and become technicians in the field by utilizing his wide-ranging expertise.

Each year, over 250 students from around the world are licensed and certified through the superb courses offered by Carolina Aeronautical. As a fully authorized service centre, this leading-class training institute is certified to train both civilian and active duty military personnel and veterans on how to operate the latest aviation equipment through their federal licenses and vocational rehabilitation offering. Approximately 75% of their student body is comprised of veterans, while the other 25% is made up of civilian aviation students from countries around the globe.

All team members within the Carolina Aeronautical teaching staff have achieved full certification and licensing within the respective fields of FAA teaching [Aviation Maintenance Technology] and FCC teaching [Avionics, Electronics, Communication, Navigation and Radar Technology]. And the school’s credentials as a center for learning continue to grow year on year. They currently have professional associations with the Professional Aviation Maintenance Association and the National Association of Radio and Telecommunications engineers.

To gain entry into the aeronautical field with the one of the best and most prestigious aircraft maintenance schools in the industry, contact the specialists at Carolina Aeronautical today.

Carolina Aeronautical Center is one of the best aircraft mechanic schools and aviation mechanic schools in the state of Carolina. We also specialize in certification courses in aviation, A&P, aviation maintenance training, testing, licensing and more. For more information, please visit

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Carolina Aeronautical ? Top Choice among Aircraft Mechanic Schools

Because of the complexity of cutting-edge aviation equipment, it’s imperative that aircraft maintenance workers receive their training at one of the top aircraft mechanic schools in North America. These schools provide students the ability to discover the responsibility involved in repairing multi-million pound pieces of equipment, as well work with specialists in the field who can help them to gain a foothold in the industry. For many students across America and around the world, the specialists at Carolina Aeronautical have offered the perfect start to their career within this highly lucrative field.

Headquartered in Simpsonville, South Carolina, Carolina Aeronautical is the very epitome of an educational leader. The school has been providing licensing training to pre-qualified technicians for over 14 years, and within that time they’ve become of the most trust aircraft mechanic schools in the country due to their ability to offer students a superior level of education that could gain at any other institution within this industry. At current numbers, roughly 75% of this aircraft mechanic school’s student body is made up of military veterans and 25% is comprised of civilian aviation students from the U.S. and around the globe, who are eager to learn the intricate dynamics involved in the professional aircraft repair.

Carolina Aeronautical is run by Owner, John Gallen, who is also the school’s lead instructor and examiner. With over 31 years in the industry, John has become one of the most trusted authorities in the field of aircraft mechanics and has proven himself one of the leading teachers in the industry.

The school’s course syllabus is widely considered to be one of the most comprehensive within the industry and thus includes many unique learning options for students to enjoy. For example, those who are preparing to take the A&P written or oral test may wish to consider the benefits of signing up for the A&P home study computer course, which will provide everything the student requires in order to become certified. The school’s extensive course syllabus is taught by six full-time staff, each of which is certified within their respective fields under FAA and FCC regulations.

For students, Carolina Aeronautical is a school that truly offers a supportive learning environment on every level. Should students fail the written or oral practical examination in attempting to gain certification for the A&P or FCC programs, the school will grant the student an additional five hours of instruction free of charge for up to two years for the A&P and one year for the FCC program. In addition, the school ensures that students are able to continue their studies at connecting institutions. Credits earned through this tremendous leader among North American aircraft mechanic schools can be used to transfer to Embry-Riddle University, Greenville Technical College or the University of New Mexico, thus ensuring a bright scholastic future for those who wish to attend Carolina Aeronautical.

To learn more about the tremendous options available to those who wish to achieve their certification at Carolina Aeronautical, please contact the school’s administrators today. A school representative would be delighted to guide you through their program selections.

About Carolina Aeronautical:

Headquartered in South Carolina and with conveniently-located sites around the U.S. and across the globe, Carolina Aeronautical provides hands-on training programs for non-degree students. Their industry expertise ensures that students are completely prepared for entrance into the workforce and for outstanding success in the fields of aeronautical maintenance, aviation communication systems and aviation navigation. For more information, please go to carolina-aero.

Carolina Aeronautical Center is one of the best aircraft mechanic schools and aviation mechanic schools in the state of Carolina. We also specialize in certification courses in aviation, A&P, aviation maintenance training, testing, licensing and more. For more information please visit

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