Twin Atlantic – Alternative Music With a Scottish Accent

Twin Atlantic is from Glasgow, Scotland, and their brand name of music italicizes to alternative. Each of the 4 members have actually been in other bands, Sam McTrusty who is the diva and plays guitar remained in Arca Felix, that band had a punk, progressive and speculative base. Barry McKenna was in Believe: Fire which had an Indie and rock sound and an alternative label stuck on them have actually since separated, Barry plays guitar, cello and contributes background vocals.

Ross McNae was in LongStoryShort, they have a pop punk and alternative noise, Ross plays bass guitar, piano and assists with backing vocals in Twin Atlantic. The last member is Craig Kneale; he was in Ernest who played pop, rock and alternative music. Craig pounds the skins behind the remainder of the men. As you can see, when these 4 artists gatheringed they each had something different to bring to the amplifier.

They garnered a lot of attention with their very first single entitled “Audience And Audio” which was readily available through digital download, they launched an EP titled “A Guidance From Colour” it became readily available for purchase through a CD format and digital download on January 14, 2008. Their next single was called “What Is Light? Where Is Laughter?” and it was a single offer with King Tuts Recordings.

Twin Atlantic have returned into the studio and signed with Red Bull Records and plan to release a small album, their producer is John Travis, and he has worked with heavy players such as Static-X, Monster Magnet and Kid Rock. If you want to catch Twin Atlantic on tour you will have to take a trip to the UK to see them. They have played in the states but unless you were hiding in their bearded faces you might have missed them.

Given that Glasgow, Scotland is their house they have come from some familiar names in music like Mogwai. This band plays what is called mathematics rock or art rock. The most recognizable name from Glasgow is Franz Ferdinand. Twin Atlantic has been understood to play high octane Emo and their phase existence is applauded due to the fact that they have fun with a fire that has actually been missing from rock. A cello is heard on “A Guidance From Colour” revealing that they can include more to a song than the standard four piece instruments need.

Musical exports like Twin Atlantic try to find a fan base everywhere they go, presently they are restricted by the welcome of those who have not heard these Scots hint up a tune. While they are on trip in the UK you can capture them at The Download Festival in June and at The Futures Camping tent at T in the Park in July. The Sonisphere Festival will host them in August 2009.

To reveal that they enjoy American music they have actually been known to play a cover tune such as “Girls Simply Wan na Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper. They also will play “Fall at Your Feet” by Crowded House. Currently they are playing 10 brand-new songs that have actually not been released on a complete length CD yet, a few of those tunes are called “Atlas Factory,” “Human After All,” and “Lights Out.” They have played a lot of music festivals to get observed and the buzz is spreading about exactly what a terrific live show they are. The diva McTrusty has actually been understood to stage dive in order to develop some great chemistry with the crowd. If you do catch them live and up front there might be a Sam coming at you.

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Three Key Aspects Of Aircraft Efficiency: Engines, Body And Alternative Fuels


To meet the demand of more fuel efficiencies in the airplanes, the manufacturers adopt a holistic approach and a multi-pronged strategy. The most common areas which have been focused upon are: body of the aircraft, the development of better and fuel efficient engines and the alternative fuels. The research efforts has been primarily aimed at finding newer resources that can used in an airplane as well as at the development of newer technologies which are more efficient, safe and financially feasible for airplane development.

Usage of carbon composites in the making of the body of the aircraft which gives it the required strength as well as reduces the overall weight of the aircraft has been a major achievement which is set to reduce the consumption of the fuel. Though the use of these composites is being done on a limited scale, this is likely to be a trend of the future aircraft manufacturing.

Similarly, there have been newer and better engines which are fuel efficient. There has been need for developing powerful engines since there has been a trend to develop larger planes which can accommodate more passengers which need robust engines. However, the general principle is that the larger or powerful an engine is, the greater is the loss of efficiency. The new technology focuses on reducing these inefficiencies and making the larger and long-haul plane engines as efficient as the smaller ones.

Another area which has been worked upon to incorporate greater efficiencies is that of alternative fuels in the aircraft. Many options have been tried in this regard. In place of the conventional kerosene fuel, the alternatives tried are the bio-fuels, methanol, liquid hydrogen and the high performance synthetic fuels. Each of these alternatives have their own set of pros and cons which puts limitations on their usage. While the synthetic fuels are high on performance, these contribute to global warming. The use of bio-fuels, which are environment friendly, do affect performance and therefore, there is a need to blend them with some other fuels which entails more costs. Therefore, there has been continued research effort focused on developing technologies which can meet all the requirements and also be commercially viable for sustainable usage.

Development of the alternative fuels will be a step forward for the energy independence of every country. It will also result in hedging the risks associated with the fluctuations in the global crude prices. Further, the growing aviation market will be able to offer cheap air tickets due to high efficiencies without compromising our environment.



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