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Well, there’s no doubt in Malacar Sanjaya was not the most talented Idol candidate, but I really think he was one of the funniest. Personally, I listen just to see what his hairstyle will be this week, and hopes that it would improve his performance. And millions of viewers agree with me on the recreational value it, as he survived it all the way from page 7. My question is, he did not go further than that? American Idol did not begin before his time?


After the show excellent results 12, and Sanjaya was growing every week. It was not until the last three years even off the sound. The competitors such as Chris Richardson and Phil Stacey still in the last three years. However, these two were when Sanjaya was voted off, at the top!


The Howard Stern Sanjaya support and millions of his fans. Of course, Stern was not familiar with the public when he was in radio land, but it will be about five to six million people. He urged his supporters to vote early and often tongue man, and I did a lot. The researchers used a method available to save the largest possible number of votes for the oppressed adorable. This is what has led to the disappearance of Sanjaya.


At the end of American Idol, read the fine print. He said nothing to affect the producers that the final decision and the right to disqualify any votes that appear to be automated or unfair to give one competitor an advantage. Now, some fans admitted they used hundreds of programs Stern throw demonic if not thousands of votes at one time for Sanjaya. Been eliminated thousands of votes or ineligible?


Look, you allow us to American Idol, and the public, to vote for the next star. But do you really think that they let the talented idol has become less the next time? The Sanjaya fans, but it was not the best singer, and not by the competitor. In the end, American Idol will do what is best for American Idoland the relation with Ancient Greece Art.


Goodbye Sanjaya. You will not forget for at least another week or two, when you are done with talk show circuit.

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In reality, the conspiracy theory it may perhaps be significantly more affordable to suppose that the American government?s real capabilities in space exceed anything we?ve heard about, or can easily imagine.

On July 20, 1969, astronaut Neil Armstrong radioed back from your floor from the Moon, “..

. the Eagle has landed”. Most of us believe that that the landing occurred as transmit. Not all, nevertheless. Much more than 30 years following the reality, Fox Television aired “Conspiracy Concept: Did We Genuinely Go on the Moon?”. In undertaking so, the Fox entertainers unleashed a lively cabal of kooks and NASA-bashers on a scientifically naive audience without benefit of editorial stability. Polls recommend that maybe 6% of Americans believe in the authenticity of those promises.

Scientists, seekers of truth by definition, would strategy the topic from your null viewpoint, attempting to prove, in this case, that NASA DID go towards the moon. Mainly because the hoax theorists are taking the reverse tack, and mainly because they stretch their situation centered solely about the photographic evidence, one must suspect both their educational pedigree and their intentions.

Why disguise these accomplishments? It may be challenging to argue for a conspiracy because no principle has offered a sufficiently convincing motive. An idea known as “the frontier principle of history” provides two.

Simply put, resistance to your creation of the room frontier originates with the insecurities of Western leaders. 1st, it is apparent that every thing adjustments together with the emergence of a frontier. Established power structures are normally shaken, not reinforced. (If this isn’t distinct, attempt studying Walter Prescott Webb’s The Excellent Frontier, especially the last chapter, and Divided We Stand: The Crisis of a Frontierless Democracy, from the same writer.)

Second, there is the problem of sharing prosperity. The Third Globe desires to redistribute prosperity in its favor, and it pursues this finish by a combination of ethical persuasion and threats of terrorism utilizing weapons of mass destruction. A frontier could make this kind of threats much less persuasive. The Third World reaction to a space frontier initiative is unpredictable and probably violent. This can make pioneering a taboo for Western governments. And that’s why they’d maintain it secret.

The conspiracy that Fox missed (properly, they do miss a lot) is known as by its adherents “Alternative 3″. Its promoters are shadowy individuals like Invoice Cooper, a formal US Naval Briefing Group member with entry to condition secrets, who says that an innovative American room presence is really an actuality. In Behold a Pale Horse, he reports that “A moon base, Luna, was photographed by the Lunar Orbiter and filmed by Apollo astronauts..
. I can say that ‘Alternative 003′ (a British Television documentary on this subject) is at the least 70% real from my personal knowledge and also the expertise of my sources.”

Other authors make similar assertions. In our Mysterious Spaceship Moon (Dell, 1975), author Don Wilson publishes the next conversation between the Eagle crew and Objective Manage, presumably picked up by ham radio operators throughout a transmit interruption attributed by NASA to an “overheated camera”:

Armstrong: What was it? What the hell was it? That’s all I desire to know!

Mission Manage: What’s there?!!!.!!! malfunction (garble).
.. Mission Handle calling Apollo eleven.!.

Apollo 11: These infants are big, sir!.
.! Huge!!.! Oh, God! You wouldn’t feel it!!.! I’m telling you you can find other spacecraft on the market.!. lined up around the much side with the crater edge!!..
They’re around the moon observing us!.


The underlying tone suggests that you will find, or have been, well-camouflaged (cloaked?) alien vessels parked to the earth-side surface with the moon. We condition here that they were not alien.

Now that is enjoyment! It’s obtained global conspiracy, Geneva Switzerland, the Bilderberg Group and anti-gravity spacecraft constructed by individuals, not aliens. Ideal, it’s not loaded with nonsense “evidence” effortlessly debunkable by an undergraduate Physics major.

By the way, the Fox story was damaged on the insistence from the genuine power behind the U.S. authorities, that is attempting to quash an increasing high frontier movement for any return to your moon. Tongue firmly in cheek, I ask you, how’s that for any conspiracy concept?


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American airlines crash | Flight Crash,Flight Crash Video

She fell out of the sky from a height of more than 10,000 metres (33,000ft) and lived to tell the tale. By doing so Vesna Vulovic also became a national heroine and earned a place in the Guinness Book of Records for surviving the highest fall without a parachute.

But now the story of what happened to the Serbian flight attendant when the plane she was on apparently exploded mid-air 36 years ago, turning her into a cold war-era celebrity, has been challenged by two journalists who claim it was a fabrication by Communist authorities to cover up a mistake.

Peter Hornung and Pavel Theiner, investigative journalists in Prague, claim the Yugoslav plane on which the 22-year old Vulovic was a flight attendant was probably mistaken for an enemy aircraft and shot down by a Mig fighter from the Czechoslovakian air force, causing it to fall and break up at a much lower height than previously believed. Vulovic was the only survivor of the incident on 26 January 1972, in which 27 people died.

Based on secret documents, mainly from the Czech civil aviation authority, unearthed after more than a year of research, Hornung said he did not believe the aircraft was blown up by Croatian nationalists as the Yugoslav government, backed by Czechoslovakian authorities, claimed at the time. “It is extremely probable that the aircraft was shot down by mistake by the Czechoslovak air force, and in order to cover it up the secret police conceived the record plunge,” he said.

“The Czechoslovak secret police managed to spread this wild tale throughout the world,” he added. “No doubts have ever been expressed regarding the fall. The story was so good and so beautiful that no one thought to ask any questions.” The Yugoslav secret police also helped to uphold that version of the story, he said. Black boxes were never found.

According to an official version of events Vulovic had been in the tail section of the plane, even though eye witnesses have repeatedly said they found her in or around the middle, above the wings. She suffered a fractured skull, broken legs, and three broken vertebrae.

The new investigation says villagers from Srbsk? Kamenice, the Czechoslovakian village near the East German border where the Yugoslav Airlines DC9 fell on a wooded and snowy hillside, reported having seen the plane intact but on fire below the clouds before it broke up. That and the small area of crash debris indicated the plane had disintegrated at around 800 metres. A second plane was also spotted.

Hornung, whose investigation was broadcast on German radio at the weekend, said his evidence showed the aircraft got into difficulty and diverted from its course. “It went into a steep descent and found itself over a sensitive military area” ? just two flight minutes from a nuclear weapons storage facility.

Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev and his East German counterpart Erich Honecker were reportedly in the air at the time after a conference in Prague, supporting the theory that the DC9 was mistaken for a military threat to them.

Vulovic has no memory of the crash and can only recall boarding the Zagreb-bound flight before it took off in Copenhagen. When interviewed recently she said she would not be disappointed if the world record turned out not to be true.

A spokesman for Guinness World Records told German paper Taz: “It seems that at the time Guinness was duped by this swindle just like the rest of the media.”

In Serbia respondents to news websites were attempting to repudiate Hornung’s report.

‘I have had nine lives’

Vesna Vulovic, below, was on JAT Yugoslav Airlines flight JU 367 only because of a mix-up with another flight attendant with a similar name. She was left temporarily paralyzed by the accident, but regained the use of her legs after surgery and physiotherapy. She took a desk job at JAT, but continued to fly, having no fear of flying – probably a result of the fact that she had no memory of the crash. But she was fired from her job in 1990 after expressing opposition to Yugoslav leader Slobodan Milosevic and taking part in rallies against his rule. It is commonly believed that her fame prevented her arrest. In 1985 her plunge earned an entry in the Guinness Book of Records. She received the award from Sir Paul McCartney. Vulovic, 59, lives in Belgrade and is still considered a heroine throughout the former Yugoslavia. She continues to have an active but low-key role in politics, protesting against Serb nationalism. In an interview with the New York Times last summer, she said: “I am like a cat … I have had nine lives. But if nationalist forces in this country prevail, my heart will burst.”

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