Travel Back in Time to a Victorian Christmas

Can you imagine a time when Christmas wasn’t celebrated like it is today? There was indeed a time like this, and it didn’t occur that long ago either. We have the Victorians to thank for setting us on the path to where we are today, making Christmas into a memorable time for everyone to enjoy. …

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Bringing the stories books back to the bookshelf

Stories books are becoming obsession for folks now days. Any gender of any age is now demanding various stories to read and to understand. Stories books are best friends for many of the individuals in this country. India is getting very much focused in reading various kinds of stories books. Indian authors are also fulfilling …

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Lithium battery risk back in focus after UPS crash

Though the cause of the Sept. 3 crash of a UPS cargo plane in Dubai that killed two crew members has not yet been determined, a pilots’ organization says the accident eventually may prove to underscore the need for stricter rules on shipping lithium dell batteries. That’s because the head of the aviation authority in …

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