International Travel Tips – Before Traveling

Look into the site’s history, culture, natural environment, customs, legends, advisory notices and more. UNESCO’s World Heritage Center or Wiki Travel is a great starting point.


Buy your vacation package from a business you have confidence in. Ask family and friends to recommend a company with a good track record. Think twice if you can’t get a person on the phone to answer your questions or if the ad doesn’t give the company’s street address. Contact the state Attorney General, consumer protection agency and Better Business Bureau where you live and where the company is based to see if there is a history of complaints on file.


Learn a few words in the local language. Making an effort to speak the local language allows you to interact with the people who know the site best. People appreciate your efforts and your interest in learning. Simple words like “Hello,” “Please” and “Thank you” can go a long way.



While Traveling Engage in local culture. The saying, “While in Rome do as the Romans” still applies today. Your trip provides a unique opportunity to explore a new culture and to see the world through a different perspective. Remember that eating local foods, shopping in local markets, and attending local festivals are all part of experiencing the culture. Hire local guides. Enrich your experience by choosing local guides who are knowledgeable about the destination. Ask local tour operators and hotels for good recommendations.



Get the details of your vacation in writing. Get a copy of the company’s cancellation and refund policies, and ask “What if…?” Consider whether some form of travel cancellation insurance may be appropriate. Use a credit card to make your purchase. If you don’t get what you paid for, you may be able to dispute the charges with your credit card company. However, don’t give your account number to any business until you’ve verified that it is reputable.


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Treatments for Anxiety before Boarding a Plane

If you are a frequent flier, and still want treatments for anxiety, then you should read this article. Fear of flying is a common phobia that affects many people. Also called Pteromerhanophobia, this condition affects many people due to a variety of factors.

It could be any of the following.

• A deep fear of heights
• An unknown psychological pre-disposition to hate planes
• Fear of plane-crashes
• Fear of hijackings
• Previous treatments for anxiety related to this problem

So the above-mentioned are some causes for fear for flying anxiety attacks in people. So how does one take treatments for anxiety associated with fear of flying?

Firstly, there is no readymade solution for this. Fear of flying may not be medically sorted out with treatments for anxiety. It requires a psychological correction. And it does not come in a hurry.

To conquer anxiety associated with fear of flying, you may take the following approaches.


Familiarity breeds confidence. There may not be better treatments for anxiety associated with flying-phobia than getting familiarized with the hustle and bustle of the airport, and revving engines of the planes. Try to visit airports, and watch planes taking off and landing. Get used to the noise of plane-engines. Spend a whole day there. Do you see any mishaps? You won’t. Even if you did, it may not be major; just a small technical snag.

Most airports and airline services providers have stringent safety norms. This very fact can give you the confidence to overcome your fear of flying. And not resort to some obscure treatments of anxiety and flood your body with unwanted drugs.

Hypnotize Yourself

If you still can’t conquer phobia of flying on a plane, then you must try to hypnotize yourself into believing that you are actually on a bus and not on a plane. Although this kind of an approach is not recommended as a permanent solution, you can suppress anxiety attacks with the approach. Take care not to look out of the window. Just pretend as if you are sitting in a bus that is travelling on road to your intended destination.

Try Sedatives

This is the last resort. Treatments for anxiety sometimes begin or end from here. You may take sedatives to soothe your nerves. You feel more relaxed when flying. If you are a frequent flier, this approach may not do you good in the long run.

Do you have panic attacks? Are you too much anxious? No more worries, because the best treatments for anxiety are there for you to overcome your problem. Try today and live an anxiety-free life.

LEED Certification Conspiracy Scam Exposed! Three Things to Consider before Pursuing LEED

LEED bashing seems to be very fashionable today.It is inevitable, and predictable, that once a company or organization achieves a certain size and influence it attracts more criticism.Indeed, LEED is getting its fair share.

Much of the recent criticism of LEED is rooted in a class action lawsuit brought against the U.S. Green Building Council by Mr. Henry Gifford, a New York mechanical contractor we first wrote about here in 2008. Mr. Gifford raised questions about the energy efficiency claims of LEED certified buildings and USGBC’s methods for making those claims.Perhaps because of his high profile lawsuit, now more often than ever before, I see articles with over-generalized, inflammatory titles like “The LEED Conspiracy” or “LEED exposed!” or “LEED is a Scam!” that go on to say that LEED buildings don’t deliver and/or that non-LEED buildings are just as efficient (or more efficient) than their LEED certified counterparts.

Everyone needs to calm down… To me this rhetoric boils down to a lack of appreciation for what LEED is and what the systems are intended to do. Let’s be specific, even if we’re being vague… The fact of the matter is that every building is different and that building green is a complex process involving many trade-offs and potential conflicts… One LEED certified, silver, gold, or platinum building is not the same as another, nor is one non-LEED building the same as another non-LEED building.

Indeed, I would submit that the entire Gifford lawsuit stems from the following single sentence in a 2008 NBI study that USGBC touted as proof of LEED’s value:

“For all 121 LEED buildings, the median measured Energy Use Intensity (EUI) was 69 kBtu/sf, 24% below (better than) the CBECS national average for all commercial building stock. Comparisons by building activity type showed similar relationships. For offices, the single most common type, LEED EUIs averaged 33% below CBECS.”

This sentence, because it compares median to mean numbers (an apples to oranges comparison), so pissed Mr. Gifford off that he couldn’t keep himself from suing just to call out the lack of care when making such sweeping claims.

While it’s ridiculous to claim “LEED is not sustainable” or “LEED is crap” as I’ve seen some people write, it’s equally silly to say, as USGBC has learned in the past, that “LEED buildings are more efficient than non LEED buildings”, without being incredibly specific.

Every building and its systems and parts needs to be evaluated individually and considered on its own. Some LEED buildings will perform and others may not… Building efficiency is an iterative constantly changing concept and inevitably conflicts and tradeoffs bubble to the surface that may not have been properly addressed or that lead to poor performance.

The following are three tradeoffs that may lead to unintended consequences in LEED projects:

Daylighting: Daylighting and increased glazing (i.e. windows vs. walls) is proven to save energy by reducing the amount of artificial light that must be produced by electricity. It also can increase employee productivity. It’s a fact, however, that windows do not insulate as well as walls, which can reduce efficiency, unless additional steps are taken (such as adding low-e window films to windows) to offset a high window to wall ratio. As such, buildings with lots of windows may use more energy than buildings with fewer windows.

Occupancy rates: Buildings that are newer and/or well-designed may have higher occupancy rates and/or longer operating hours than outdated buildings that are not well designed. LEED buildings are all required to be designed with Indoor Environmental Quality aspects applied to them, which are aimed at increasing occupant well-being and improving productivity. Some LEED IEQ credits require increased mechanical conditioning of outdoor air… the more occupants in a building, the greater amount of Co2 in a building, demanding more fresh air. Obviously, all else being equal, a building that has a higher occupancy rate than another will use more energy and electricity as those things will increase along with the number of occupants in that building and the number of hours that those employees are working.

Natural vs. Mechanical Ventilation and Indoor Comfort: Natural ventilation provides a high level of indoor comfort and is very energy efficient because power sources are not required to operate natural ventilation systems. However, with the new glass facade designs preferred by many architects, operable windows are not made available. This requires powerful mechanical HVAC systems to maintain indoor comfort to ASHRAE levels required by LEED. While the light levels indoors may be greater thanks to increased glazing, greater reliance on mechanical systems can lead to increased energy usage, even if occupants are more comfortable (and productive) as a result. Conversely, older buildings may not provide the same level of indoor environmental quality and natural light, but offer some operable windows.

What are the impacts of these small differences on occupant comfort, productivity and performance? The answer is it depends on the particular building, its occupants and their behavior in the building.

IMHO, LEED is an excellent system not only for understanding sustainability, but also for evaluating and applying the concepts of sustainability to buildings. More importantly, it is a system that will continue to evolve and improve over time… that’s the beauty of LEED!


LEED Green Associate – The Green Building Industry is one of the fastest growing industries in America. To learn more about becoming a LEED Green Associate and take our free practice test, visit


What are the Factors that you Need to Consider Before buying Aircraft Hangers on sale

If you have achieved the luxury of owing an aircraft you need to buy an aircraft hanger so as to keep your aircraft in a safe and working condition. Before buying aircraft hangers you need to browse through the sale advertisements as well as contact those owners who are offering their aircraft hangers on sale.

Aircraft hangers are the structures, that provide protective storage to the aircrafts as well as the spacecrafts. Even if you don’t own an aircraft you can very well buy an aircraft hanger, as aircraft hangers can be used for multifarious purposes. You can use the hanger as a repairing unit or as a warehouse. The specification of the aircraft hanger will vary according to your purpose.

If you wish to use the hanger as a warehouse, in order to store your business inventories, you need to take into consideration the location of the aircraft hanger offered for sale. In this case, location holds utmost importance as because you need to store your goods in such a place, from where it will be easy for you to ship your inventories to different desired destination. Those who wish to use aircraft hangers as repairing units must consider the structure of the aircraft hanger, as the most important aspect. The aircraft hanger should be well built and of course spacious. In order to ensure that the repairing process remains unhampered, it is very important for you to take into account the electric supply. Supply of electricity to the place must be excellent. The aircraft hanger, which is purchased to serve the purpose of repairing unit, has to be durable and sturdy.

, If you are purchasing aircraft hangers for keeping aircrafts, you need to make sure that the ceiling of the aircraft hanger is high enough so as to accommodate the airplane. The aircraft hangers should be spacious. As an aircraft hanger often turn into a repairing platform for repairing the damaged aircrafts, before buying an aircraft hanger you must ensure that it is equipped with proper repairing facilities. It is also very important to see to the fact that the place, where the aircraft hanger is located, is provided with a runway, so that you can directly fly the aeroplane to the airplane hanger.

Steel is widely used for the purpose of building aircraft hangers, as their sturdy framework provide utmost protection to the aircrafts. Steel is an Eco-friendly metal as it is rust free. The cost of erecting these pre-fabricated structures is lesser than those aircraft hangers, which are made of brick, wood, or any other material. These functional structures are known for their indomitable strength. aircraft hangers made of steel do not involve high maintenance cost and are least affected by adverse weather conditions. They can be built in a very short span of time. These pre-fabricated steel buildings are instrumental in reducing the level of energy consumption, owing to their superb insulation materials. Installation of these insulation materials help the steel frames to regulate the temperature. Another advantage of these prefabricated aircraft hangers is – they offer excellent room and unlimited space so as to facilitate free movement.

Henrich Greve is a content writer on aircraft hangers. For more informationy he always recommends you to visit

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Read Reviews Before You Buy Your RC Plane

Anyone planning to buy an RC model plane is excited about the idea. If you are a novice for example, you might have thought any model that comes with a radio device will do for you. But, buying RC planes is not just about getting any model and flying around in public parks. There are many things one needs to know. For this reason, it is important to always read reviews, before buying your model RC plane.

The first important information that you need to have and would find useful is to choose the right model, which best suits you. A novice cannot easily handle all model planes. Even if you are an expert, you may buy a model plane that is not fun for you. For those who are just beginning to fly, Park flyer and trainers are ideal for them. Then, there are glow plug engines, electric powered and sailplane aircrafts for those who have more advanced knowledge. There are jets, pylon racers, autogyros, helicopters, 3D aircraft and other planes, which can be flown for competitions and pose more challenging, while controlling, for those who are expert pilots. This information will be available, only if you read reviews.

By reading reviews, you will know the prices of these planes and can help you to compare these prices. Looking at the expensive prices, you may even think of foregoing your hobby. But RC planes are not that expensive, especially for the novice. You can get a good trainer for less than $ 150, including the engine and the radio. If you need an advanced plane with more controls, then you need to put in extra money. So, with around $ 400 in hand, you can get yourself a very attractive trainer. In general, an investment of around $ 300 to $ 500 could be a very good bargain to start with. You would also know the price of other advanced models, if you consider buying them, while comparing prices of various models.

By reading reviews, you will know, which models are easy to maintain and which are not. It’s always good to buy models which can be repaired easily and whose parts are readily available. Some models, especially trainers have fewer parts than the others and these models are good especially for beginners. Reading reviews, helps you to get information on accessories and what is good for the model, you plan to buy. For example, you can get information on various batteries and chargers available for your RC model plane. Not all batteries are compatible with all models and so are the chargers.

Reading reviews, will give you first hand knowledge of what is new in the world of RC planes. For example you can get to know of the new attachments of advanced planes. If you are an expert, you may consider buying a sophisticated model or if you are a novice, you may choose to buy a simpler one that is easier to maintain and handle to last a few more miles. Hence, it is very essential to read reviews before you consider to buy your RC plane.

Victor Epand is an expert consultant for model planes and model helicopters. You can find the best marketplace for model planes and model helicopters by visiting the best sites for model planes, model fighter planes, and model helicopters.