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In recent years, is ASME B5.54 or ISO230-6 standard definition of the displacement body diagonal measurement method provides a fast machine room for error testing methods, Boeing and many other companies have been a good application. Because these measurements relatively simple and fast, so measuring costs and downtime are greatly reduced. However, the body diagonal displacement errors and 21 errors between rigid and did not express very clearly. In addition, the importance of the angle error was incorrectly inflated. In order to understand the relationship with the perspective and the importance of the error, it is necessary to export the 21 rigid body errors and measured the relationship between the diagonal displacement error.

Relationship matrix derived 21 rigid body errors include the following errors: linear displacement, vertical straightness, horizontal straightness, roll angle, pitch angle, yaw angle and the verticality of the three axes is 21 rigid body errors. Traditional laser interferometer to measure the straightness and the vertical error requires expensive time, so that developed for rapid detection of the body diagonal displacement method, which ASMEB5.54 or ISO 230-6 standard in detail Note.

Body diagonal displacement errors Body diagonal displacement of a laser interferometer to measure the volume positioning accuracy. Laser head on the machine table, and on the spindle of the mirror is reflected along the diagonal direction of the laser beam machine. 4 body diagonal measurement direction is ag, bh, ce and df.

Laser beam along the body diagonal, while some incremental mirror Zeyi move along the body diagonal. Start at the origin, along the diagonal each time increment to reach a new location, the three-axis displacement error on the measurement out. Body diagonal is positive axis (p) or negative axis (n) defined.

Last four body diagonal with the first four body diagonal in the same corner, but the direction is the opposite. To this end, only four body diagonal directions the forward and reverse movement (both ways); in X, Y, and Z-axis measurement after every move while only 4 settings. Accuracy of each position along the body diagonal depends on all three axis positioning accuracy and the geometric error of machine tools.

Theoretical results that the four body diagonal displacement error for all nine point two straight errors and the error is sensitive. Body diagonal displacement errors in the equation error term may be positive or negative, or they may cancel each other out. As the error terms from the statistical point of view, in all locations, and all four body diagonal probability of error can be offset is theoretically possible but actually not the case. As most of the angle errors were offset, leaving only two angle errors, and therefore concluded that body diagonal displacement errors, including three displacement errors, six straightness errors and three vertical error, the angle error is insensitive to. Which is conducive to rapid measurement of volumetric positioning accuracy.

Set of data because only 4 and 9 set error, the error sources of information so identified is not enough. This led to action by the United States of light and has patented, developed step by step diagonal measurement, or measurement technique called laser vector.

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370Z body kits – beauty that moves

As a means of transportation the car has completely replaced all earlier competitors but as a chosen accessory for making a personal style statement it has been used only by the few of those who can afford very high end cars or those who have the ability to convert their stock car into a piece of art. Now one can understand the need for personal transport but what is this need to make a style statement about? Well whether you like it or not you do have a style that is quite your own. Your friends identify you by it and when you choose products for yourself you make sure they are aligned with your sense of style and aesthetics. And if a product does not match well you opt not to go in for it and therefore even though you may not be a style freak you do like things done in a particular way.

And once you come to think of it your car is a great way to make a style statement. It is big and cannot go unnoticed and it is subtle because all you do is still just drive it, but when you park and step out of a great looking car everyone notices it for sure. And if you own a car such as the Nissan 370Z which is already quite stylish to start with you can make a huge impact by doing up your car with the help of 370z body kits.

So how do you do up your car? Well first you should choose the material for the body kits. For a performance car carbon fiber body kits are better suited since they are light and do not add much weight to the stock car. Too much additional weight will drag down the performance of your car. So though they are more expensive than other options the extra cost is worth it if top performance is very important to you. You can also choose the components that you wish to install, you have options for the front back and the sides of the car. Of course you can choose the colors and the styles as well. You can see the latest 370Z body kits at


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Three Key Aspects Of Aircraft Efficiency: Engines, Body And Alternative Fuels


To meet the demand of more fuel efficiencies in the airplanes, the manufacturers adopt a holistic approach and a multi-pronged strategy. The most common areas which have been focused upon are: body of the aircraft, the development of better and fuel efficient engines and the alternative fuels. The research efforts has been primarily aimed at finding newer resources that can used in an airplane as well as at the development of newer technologies which are more efficient, safe and financially feasible for airplane development.

Usage of carbon composites in the making of the body of the aircraft which gives it the required strength as well as reduces the overall weight of the aircraft has been a major achievement which is set to reduce the consumption of the fuel. Though the use of these composites is being done on a limited scale, this is likely to be a trend of the future aircraft manufacturing.

Similarly, there have been newer and better engines which are fuel efficient. There has been need for developing powerful engines since there has been a trend to develop larger planes which can accommodate more passengers which need robust engines. However, the general principle is that the larger or powerful an engine is, the greater is the loss of efficiency. The new technology focuses on reducing these inefficiencies and making the larger and long-haul plane engines as efficient as the smaller ones.

Another area which has been worked upon to incorporate greater efficiencies is that of alternative fuels in the aircraft. Many options have been tried in this regard. In place of the conventional kerosene fuel, the alternatives tried are the bio-fuels, methanol, liquid hydrogen and the high performance synthetic fuels. Each of these alternatives have their own set of pros and cons which puts limitations on their usage. While the synthetic fuels are high on performance, these contribute to global warming. The use of bio-fuels, which are environment friendly, do affect performance and therefore, there is a need to blend them with some other fuels which entails more costs. Therefore, there has been continued research effort focused on developing technologies which can meet all the requirements and also be commercially viable for sustainable usage.

Development of the alternative fuels will be a step forward for the energy independence of every country. It will also result in hedging the risks associated with the fluctuations in the global crude prices. Further, the growing aviation market will be able to offer cheap air tickets due to high efficiencies without compromising our environment.



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