Hanwang Electric Paper Books Carrying The “seven Gods” Of Space Travel

2008 21 o’clock in the evening of September 25, has been the Shenzhou VII manned spacecraft at Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center successfully launched; At the same time, full of beautiful people around the world seven blessings of God’s super light reading Equipment Kingship “electronic paper book”, also with the “seven gods” spacecraft carrying God, will accompany the seven gods, the three space hero to ride out the unusual three-day space trip.

2008 8 months since, the Chinese Society of Astronautics Hanwang technology support to carry out a “message to the seven gods, light the universe – God and I have seven fellow” blessing signature campaign organizing committee through the Internet, collecting blessing for the world signature, and all the blessings from the works of Ping Chu “best creative work”, “best production work”, “best popular work” number, a total of 2,008 outstanding works selected. These works of art with text greetings and blessings, but also drawings, original music and other forms, they need into one kind of text can be achieved in space, read, picture display, portable music device, carrying the “seven gods “The spacecraft, with astronauts in space the whole trip.

Shenzhou VII spacecraft on space travel, is undoubtedly one of the electronic device performance and stringent quality tests. Extreme environments in space, embodied in a vacuum, zero gravity, temperature maximum and strong cosmic ray radiation, and many other aspects; the spacecraft as the most sophisticated aerospace equipment, carrying things on the weight of the cabin has a very stringent requirements, they will not chamber equipped with electronic devices to allow any interference of electronic radiation, will not have surplus energy supply electronic products.

After a selection, the final selection of the Chinese Society of Astronautics Kingship “electronic paper books,” the blessings of product as an ideal host device. Electric paper book is a Hanwang latest technology class paper reader, using an electronic paper display technology, reading effect is considered the “most close to the paper to read.” Electric paper books “knowledgeable”, able to load thousands of the “Three Kingdoms”, the equivalent capacity of the books and a library, it was also compact, highly portable, handheld reading can be realized, it also has picture display and music playback , to meet the spacecraft carrying the weight of material requirements, but also facilitate the astronauts at any time to read; electric green paper books specially designed, no flicker, no radiation, thus avoiding the possibility of the spacecraft’s electronic interference; electronic paper books with very low power consumption, support for a long time to read, standby time of up to one month, continuous flip over 7,000 times, while traveling in space, no need for additional energy support; and, based on independent research and development over the years Hanwang Technology and the tireless efforts of technological innovation, electronic paper book has Hanwang space technology research system and the level of quality as a guarantee, eventually to become the bearer of blessing people around the world the best products better.

Hanwang Technology Chairman Liu Yingjian that paper a few thousand years of Chinese culture and vast civilization bearer of the most important books, but based on modern technology “electronic paper books,” then realized the electronic paper and modernization also a study of Chinese civilization and culture of the traditional paper an extension and evolution. Electrical products are not only full of blessings paper books, but also built a content-rich books, such as Chinese traditional Chinese classics, which has a richer cultural significance. Modern “Chinese paper” into space along with the seven gods, is demonstrated to the world’s most cutting-edge technologies on behalf of a country the level of China’s space technology capabilities, is also a new level to show the world the charm of Chinese culture.

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Bringing the stories books back to the bookshelf

Stories books are becoming obsession for folks now days. Any gender of any age is now demanding various stories to read and to understand. Stories books are best friends for many of the individuals in this country. India is getting very much focused in reading various kinds of stories books. Indian authors are also fulfilling their demands providing them what they want with appropriate spice!!!

Reading stories books helps people mind to recognize the accurate as well as to find out the hidden significance of what the writer actually want to convey. Reading stories books helps people to explore, checking and brushing up their vocabulary and analysing the intellectual capacity. The various authors like Chetan Bhagat, Arindam Chaudhary has changed the era with their fresh intellectual and completely new genre of writing. Now day’s Indian authors have poured a tradition of reading Stories Books amongst the younger age group. Previously only certain age of people use to read stories books, now the era has completely changed.

The Indian author’s stories books sell in the market like hot cakes. The book prizes are affordable. The Books Price in India varies according to the author’s story book. There are numerous authors providing the best literature in affordable range. The prices never count when it comes to read best stories books. The craze is on for reading stories books in India as well as abroad. The books are available in market stores as well as online. One would not like to buy the appropriate stories books in hustle and bustle of book stores.

Therefore, for them there is also online books store in India where one can search the right book for oneself as well as to gift. Buying a book online will help an individual to search the best type of self and would able to compare the price range with other authors. In a country like India where literacy rate is 70 percentages the stories books with well written and simple to understand is now become more than a hobby.

Hats off to Indian authors, they helped even the non-readers to pick and choose a best book for themselves. Even students, IT professionals, homemakers are reading the stories books of their kind. Just by on single click they are getting the best stories books for them to enjoy it at their comfortable place. The stories books are getting people’s companion in journey, loneliness as well as in enjoyable moments.


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Children story books: Narrate best stories of the world to your children

Who doesn’t wanna hear or read stories ? The expected reply must come as ‘everyone’ perhaps. Remember the time when our grandma or grandpa use to narrate stories of fairies and miracles when we were smaller kids. The motto behind those narrations were to keep their ‘gems’ closer to their hearts and we have spent longer hours in listening those realistic or fictitious stories. In direct or indirect ways we have learned the basic dogmas and moral of life which we keep remembering or implementing in our day to day life.

Today due to the heavy office work schedules we may not be able to narrate stories to children but atleast we can keep those golden stories safe in their heart by gifting children story books to them. Isn’t it. If your child is big enough that he/she can go through the contents of it or understand it through lovely pictures then it is really nice but if your baby is aging between 2-3 years then try to find some quality time which you can spend with him explaining all the contents in his language an words. You would for sure, love the way of your child interruption in order to understand whole of the zest.

If because of any reason you are not able to buy some new Children Story Books from books shop then take the help of websites which serves online books in its original format. Story books of children can be find easily on these sites. If interested then purchase it on the spot by doing online payment.

Through Online Books you can be advantageous in different manners too you can go through other new stories and through it you an develop the idea that how effectively you can deliver the same when you will be at home. So, do not let yourself far from this fun. Indirectly, you too will be benefited with these stories. Have fun of narrating it to your sweet ones!

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