Airplane Crashes – Causes and Prevention

Flying in small airplanes often carries a greater risk than flying in large aircraft, though accidents can occur with either. Sometimes airplane crashes happen low to the ground and can be relatively minor, while high speed crashes or crashes at high altitude may result in serious injury or death. A crash can be emotionally and physically devastating for passengers and crew alike.

Sometimes crashes occur because of equipment malfunction or human error. If you or someone you know has been involved in an airplane crash, a personal injury lawyer can help determine who is legally responsible and can help crash victims and victims’ families fight for compensation.

Causes of Aircraft Crashes

There are a number of interfering factors or errors that can cause an airplane to crash, including:

Storm interference. Lightning can interfere with equipment function, and strong winds can blow a plane off course or cause the pilot to lose control of the aircraft.
Equipment malfunction. The readings on equipment may be wrong or the equipment may cease to work altogether.
Improper maintenance. Maintenance workers may fail to catch a worn out part or other faulty equipment, or may improperly install a part.
Pilot error. A pilot may interpret readings incorrectly, miss certain instructions, or otherwise cause the plane to crash.
Control tower error. Air traffic controllers may get aircraft courses wrong or relay incorrect instructions to pilots, which can cause a crash.
Avoiding a Crash or Injury

As a pilot or crew member on a personal aircraft, always check the weather, your equipment, and your course before you depart. If you feel that something is wrong with the aircraft, do not try to fly. Always confirm instructions from the control tower and readings on navigational instruments. If you feel that something is wrong during flight, communicate the problem to the crew and to the control tower and attempt to land the plane as soon as possible.

If you are a passenger, the best thing you can do is stay calm and follow crew instructions. Keeping calm during a crash and listening to directions can mean the difference between life and death in an emergency.

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The Primary Causes of Motorcycle Crashes

The wreckage of a motorcycle crashing into a sedan is an ugly sight to behold. Concern usually is directed to the driver of the motorcycle. The impact of the crash might be so severe; the driver may be more likely to be thrown yards away from the sight of the accident. A motorcycle crash may not happen too frequently, but such an accident can result into a grave injury that can either permanently disable the driver or kill him instantly.

One of the primary causes of motorcycle crashes are head-on collisions. Half of the accidents wherein motorcycles crash head first into other motorcycles and vehicles result to deaths. It is usually the more fatal type of motorcycle crash because it can easily affect the motorcycle driver. He can get thrown out of the motorcycle because of the impact. Most of the time, the car strikes through the motorcycle head-first; whereas a motorcycle getting hit from behind is a small possibility.

Another primary cause of a motorcycle crash is when cars make left-hand turns. A motorcycle driver may be exercising safety, but a car making left-hand turns can greatly damage his motorcycle and his physical well-being. About 42 percent of accidents between a motorcycle and a car happen because of this. They usually happen within a road intersection. Motorcycle crashes happen because of several things: the motorcycle may go straight through an intersection; pass or try to overtake a car.

Drunk driving is also a primary cause of motorcycle crashes. A drunken motorcycle driver can crash onto the asphalt road. Most of the crashes involve only a single motorcycle, while they may also involve other vehicles. Driving while intoxicated obstructs his mental and sensory capacity to drive, where there is lack of coordination and road judgment. A single motorcycle can not only crash into the pavement or a car, but can also hit a concrete barrier or any road objects.

Other motorcycle crashes usually contribute to the type of motorcycle that people use. There are supersport motorcycles that can go up to 160 miles per hour, while there are sports motorcycles that have a lower power to weight ratio than the former. Many related deaths and injuries due to the type of motorcycle used usually happen on people aged 34 and under.

Because of the severity of the motorcycle rider’s sustained injuries from any of these common causes of crashes, he is entitled for recovery. As such, they can always seek the help of an Orange County personal injury attorney.

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Rare Plane Crash at Reno Air Show Causes Severe Casualties (Photos)

A vintage World War II-era fighter plane of the National Championship Air Races at the Reno-Stead Airport was lost control and crashed into a seating area, leaving at least 3 dead, and over 50 injured on Friday, 16 September 2011.

After this rare accident, a mix of blood, body parts and smoking debris could be seen across the crash site.

According local officials, the death toll would rise because many victims suffered life-threatening injuries.

Reno Air Races president Mike Houghton confirmed that pilot Jimmy Leeward, 74, was among the dead. He was an experienced racing pilot and owner of Leeward Air Ranch Racing Team. Leeward had flown more than 120 races.

Leeward’s plane was a vintage P-51 Mustang called Galloping Ghost

Spokesman for the Reno National Championship Air Races, Mike Draper, described the accident as “a mass-casualty situation”. Leeward’s family said in a message on Facebook, “Dear friends, we are deeply saddened by the tragedy at the air race today. Please join us in praying at this time for all the families affected.”

Medics help injured bystanders out of a helicopter into Renown Medical Center

Spokeswoman for the Regional Emergency Medical Service Authority, Stephanie Kruse, told that emergency crews took a total of 56 injuried victims to three hospitals, not included a number of people being transported by private vehicle.

Rescuers and medical staff gather at the crash scene to help the victims

Witness Maureen Higgins of Alabama, who was sitting about 30 yards away from the crash, said Jimmy Leeward was on his third lap when he lost control of the P-51 Mustang. The man in front of her was hit on his head by a piece of debris.

“It’s just like a massacre. It’s like a bomb went off.” Dr. Gerald Lent of Reno, who witnessed the crash, said

“The plane vaulted violently upward, followed by a dive straight into the front of the reserve grandstands.” a witness told

The National Air Championship Air Races annually attract thousands of people in September to watch various military and civilian planes race


Plane Crash at Reno Air Show 2011


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