Easiest Way to Lose Weight Vs The Evil Conspiracy of Burgers and Fries

Stop! I know what you’re getting ready to do honey, go on yet another diet. You’re not alone Most of us Fluffy Folks have made going on a diet kin to a career choice. It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. (Put that donut down!) It’s time to face the truth about dieting. How can I break it to you gently? DIETS DON’T WORK! And, here’s the kicker, diets can make you GAIN more weight in the long run. I get more fluffier (fatter) after each diet. The Marshmellow Man ain’t got nothing on Big Mama!

Just let me say this. Here’s how I see it. This diet thing is all a conspiracy. Yes, I said it! First of all, it’s not all our fault we’re the fattest nation in the world. Really. Everyday, we are bombarded, brainwashed, and programmed with the advertisement (adverticements) of the fast food industry that entice us with their delicious, fat and calorie-laden food. Shut Up! I could go for a juicy cheeseburger with some tasty fries about now. Oh, well. I’m trying.

“Come on now, you know you want me,” the Temptress of Hunger whispers to you at every turn. Especially,when you’re trying to diet. And yes, food is addicting, just like crack. But, that’s another story. Hunger is a temptress. Most of us give in to her, and quickly fill up on the foods we crave. You know that’s right. Another attempt at dieting is filed away under, Tried Again, Maybe Next Time. Hey, it ain’t easy to stick to some old, or new, restrictive eating regimen that punishes us with having to eat things we don’t want, or even like. But, we try. We keep looking for the easiest way to lose weight.

In the mean time, we try this diet, or that one. Maybe, the latest fad diet will finally work, we think. So again, we go on it with the best of good intentions. We lose a little. Gain it back. Lose a little. Gain it back along with a few extra. YoYo Dieting is what they call it. Most serial dieters do this. Just look at Oprah, our favorite Talk Show Queen. With all her fame and fortune, like the rest of us, she can’t seem to get it right. She does what we all do-YoYo. It’s time to let it go. Come on. I am.

I want to be a better version of my already gorgeous self. Yes, for a big girl, as they say. Big Mama is still all that, and a bag of chips. . So, how to lose without dieting? You’ve tried everything else, so why not try the easiest way to lose weight. Yes, Virginia, there is a way to lose all the weight you want, and still be able to eat your favorite foods in a way that will cause you to lose the pounds.

In other words, you can have your cake, and eat it too! Now, honey, what more can you ask? Big Mama likes to get her food on, and because you are reading this, you probably do too. Baby, I’ve found it! Let me tell you. This is the very LAST diet you will ever need! It really is the easiest way to lose weight. Because, you can eat what you like and still lose those unwanted pounds Now, if this plan can’t help you lose weight, “Grits ain’t groceries, eggs ain’t poultry, and Mona Lisa was a man.

As the the old saying goes. Go on now. Claim the New You. And if anyone out there knows Oprah, give her a heads up. Tell her Big Mama told you to.

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Dog Food Conspiracy Review – Andrew Lewis Dog Food Secrets Feedback

Do you want to read an honest feedback of the Andrew Lewis Dog Food Conspiracy report? I was really curious to find out what Andrew had found in his research as I am always interested to give my dog the best health and improve his longevity, therefore decided to purchase and download this guide to see it myself.

Another reason was that I was completely astonished to see what Andrew had claimed he found and is promising to reveal about the ugly truth in the commercial dog food industry. If you have a dog as your companion, I am sure that you too would be very interested to find out whether what is revealed in the Dog Food Secrets report is true or not.

1. Review of the Dog Food Secrets Report

One thing really I like about this report is the way that it has been formatted. It allows for easy reading unlike some other ebooks where their authors would cramp all their tiny words in a page. It allows me to read for a long time without getting tired quickly. Members can also easily print out the entire book and read it on the go.

2. Can You Really Trust What is Written in the Dog Food Secrets Ebook?

I was initially really skeptical about what Andrew had stated on his website until I learned the research facts that he presents about commercial dog foods in the guide. Some of the information I had found out about is really shocking and hard to believe. But luckily, finding out the truth about commercial dog foods has taught me how to avoid giving my dog the potentially harmful stuff as well as some other foods that may be harming my dog too.

3. What Other Skills Can You Learn from the Dog Food Conspiracy Guide

After seeing all the research and backup studies done by Andrew Lewis, I have truly gained a lot more knowledge to ensure that my dog is in the best of health. If you want to find out how to feed your dog properly and learn to prepare healthy foods to give him much better health and longevity, you will definitely want to see what is in the Dog Food Secrets report.

Is Dog Food Secrets Download a scam? Visit http://www.top-review.org/dogfoodsecrets.htm to read a FREE report and find out the truth about this Dog Food Conspiracy Report by Andrew Lewis before you buy Dog Food Secrets Conspiracy!

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National Spam Filtering Or Censorship Conspiracy Plot?

China works very hard to prevent its citizens from viewing certain types of material on the Internet. The government claims it is the best for the people, and they know what is best; what should and should not be viewed. Most people consider this censorship and claim that the government is only trying to stay in power by preventing their citizenry from learning about how the rest of the world works and how much freedom they are missing out on.

Despite all this, China’s censorship technology is doing a pretty decent job preventing SPAM from coming into their country. In the United States we receive a tremendous amount of SPAM and it wastes huge amounts of productive time for all of our small businesses and large corporations. Not to mention the time of individuals that could be tending to their family or doing something more productive with their lives.

Some have proposed that we have a United States National-SPAM filtration system. How would that work to ask? Well, the proponents of such a system state that any e-mail coming in that looks as if it is spam will not be delivered to the recipient. Unfortunately, if we do this, aren’t we in essence doing the same thing that China is doing with its censorship strategies?

Of course, if we take this all one step further we should be noting that with over 500 million people online in China (and growing), many of these people are starting small online businesses. They are indeed the ones doing a lot of the spamming, as they try to get Americans to buy their trinkets online.

If we did have a “national spam filtering system” in the US, much of what we would be blocking is small businesspeople in China trying to lift themselves out of poverty with an online business; a chance to own their own business and experience a little more freedom in the process!

Nevertheless, it is a rather interesting concept, but I wouldn’t trust any government agency to decide what “I feel” is spam or what they think I should be viewing. And would further ask if the government does intend to do this, what are they trying to hide from us?

And believe me I am not a conspiracy theorist; I just have read a good number of letters that our founding fathers had sent back and forth to each other during the first Continental Congress and the formation of this great free nation called the United States of America. So, my opinions on freedom and censorship might be different than yours? Please consider all this.

Lance Winslow is a retired franchisor – Lance Winslow’s Bio Lance Winslow is formerly the CEO of WashGuys family of franchises which Lance; http://www.windowwashguys.com/links.shtml

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The conspiracy of Antonio and Sebastian against Alonso and Gonzalo in The Tempest

The episodes of conspiracy in Shakespearean dramas have attained a high watermark of excellence. In Macbeth, we find Macbeth conspiring with Lady Macbeth about the murder of Dunkan. Likewise in Julius Ceasar, Cassius had conspired with Brutus to kill Caesar. These episodes of verbal persuasion are the hallmark of Shakespearean plays. These episodes stir up the depth of human desires which have been concealed and are developed when they get the proper soil.

In Shakespeare’s The Tempest, we find Antonio trying to prompt Sebastian to murder his own brother with the prospect of achieving kingship. While tired, Alonso and Gonzalo were sleeping, Antonio insisted Sebastian by telling him that he was witnessing a kingly crown dropping upon his head:

“What thou shouldest be: the occasion speaks thee and

My strong imagination sees a crown

Dropping upon thy head.”

Sebastian who wasn’t a seasoned villain failed to understand the wicked design of Antonio. He was reluctant to follow the instructions of Antonio. But the wicked man insists that:

“I am more serious than my custom: You

 must be so too, if heed me; which to do

trebles thee over.”

But Sebastian calls himself as ‘standing water’ whom Antonio would teach to ‘float.’ When Sebastian says that if Ferdinand is drowned, then Claribel is supposed to be the next heir of Naples, Antonio says that she lives so far that she would not be able to discharge the royal duties.

“She that is Queen of Tunis ; she that dwells

Ten leagues beyond man’s life ; she that from Naples

Can have no note…”

 Antonio gives example by saying that the garment that is worn by Alonso suits Sebastian to perfection, even better than the actual ruler of Naples. But despite the nudge given by Antonio, Sebastian keeps apprehensive in committing the actions suggested by Antonio. He goes on to speak about his conscience which refuses to permit him to go further with the proposal. But Antonio seizes the moment to try to change Sebastian’s mind. He is prompt in responding:

“Ay, sir; where lies that? If ‘twere a kibe,

‘Twould put me to my slipper: but I feel not

This deity in my bosom : twenty consciences,

That stand ‘twixt me and Milan.”

Antonio has preached the fact that he was bereft of all conscience and had finally taken Sebastian into his own confidence. But there was a hidden interest of Antonio, unknown to Sebastian. Antonio wanted to escape the tribute which he had to pay to Naples. But although they fail in their purpose with the abrupt arrival of Ariel, yet, Antonio and Sebastian were flawed to be guilty of a murderous conspiracy.

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The Barefoot Running “Alien-Controlled Warlord Conspiracy”


Barefoot running brothers and sisters, if you have found this document then hope is not lost…

There is a massive and unreported barefoot running conspiracy afoot (pun very much intended). We barefoot brethren need to all get on the same page, or risk being unable to fulfill our barefoot destiny…

You won’t hear about this in the media – the “shod sheeple” are blinded by the smokescreen of this new “barefoot running” craze to understand what’s going on at a higher level…

I’m going to take you there, but we’ve got to do a little re-cap here so we’re all on the same page.

Fact #1: Barefoot Running (or running in minimalist shoes like Vibrams Fivefingers) is becoming more popular with Athletes by the day (this is very good for us, you’ll see why shortly)…

The concept is that the human body is not naturally inclined to wear padded shoes, or run in the “heel to toe” gait fostered by traditional running shoes. Shod humans are essentially being weakened – fattened up for the kill.

The benefits to barefoot running seem to be enormous:

Barefoot running is supposedly a great cure all for posture, back, foot, and knee problems – And while I haven’t seen untainted scientific proof to that effect yet, I’m inclined to believe it because my gut is telling me it’s legit.

If you believe the hype about barefoot running, then most of the problems Athletes face when it comes to leg or back injuries stem from the human constructed “supported foot” concept pushed by the shoe industry. The shoes we wear make us weak, and force us to put the stress of high impact activities on the wrong parts of our body…

It follows then that the shoe as we know it is is quite literally crippling our best athletes (along with the rest of us who wear similar “supportive” shoes)… (getting scared yet?)

I do not believe this information about the benefits of barefoot running was intended to be revealed by the faceless force funding the conspiracy. Had they kept it under wraps, we may have never found out…

Conspiracy theories about barefoot running enthusiasts vs. shod clods at this point abound – was the shoe originally developed by a shadowy cabal of chiropractors or orthopedic surgeons in an effort to increase demand for their services? (lame, I agree, but believable considering the capacity for human greed)…

Was it designed to destroy posture slowly until all shod humans are crippled and weak, and thus unable to defend ourselves from the inevitable shoeless uprising (and are barefoot runners like us the up-risers – or merely the intended barefoot-running-slave-army of an as-of-yet-undisclosed barefoot leader?

If we are indeed to be enslaved by a bloodthirsty barefoot warlord, what are his plans for post world takeover? Will we be rewarded or will he decide to infect our future generations with the concept of shoes to perpetuate his powerful shoeless rule?

Are Vibrams Fivefingers really a barefoot running shoe, or merely the boot of the new “barefoot republic?”

Did (dare I ask it) aliens… infiltrate our early industrial society with “comfortable shoes” for some shady space agenda I’m not privy to (Invasion no doubt!)? If that’s the case – do we as barefoot running citizens have the strength and organization necessary to foil their dastardly plans?

Could it be too late?

I fear we may never have answers my friends, but one thing is for sure – the truth are out there. It certainly are.

In the mean time, we must seek it out, and maintain our physical fitness through barefoot running daily (unless that’s exactly what we shouldn’t do!). We will also want to practice some ninja arts in case we need to defend our planet against a slightly weaker enemy that takes advantage of the bad backs and weak ankles of our shod brethren, as would likely be the case in the event of an alien takeover.

After all, why would they weaken us if not for their own barefoot running/athletic incapabilities?

I’m shocked and astounded that this obvious barefoot running related emergency has not been covered in the mainstream media or even on the Internet yet….


I hope you’ll take this warning to heart and train extra hard to prepare yourself for the glorious barefoot revolution (or the inevitable alien insurrection/barefoot running overlord world takeover).

I’d like to provide you, and any other members of the barefoot brotherhood with a survival kit – it’s freely available on the next page, and it will give you the vital stockpile of supplies you need to outpace, outperform, and outlast the shod clods. (or survive the nastiest alien zombie insurrection since “Signs.”


Overcome Everything, Inc. is dedicated to the safety, success and increased endurance of barefoot runners worldwide. To learn more about a proven training system from seasoned professional barefoot runners that includes tips, techniques and what you absolutely must avoid, visit us here: http://www.VibramFiveFingersSecrets.com