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2004 5 17 the State Council held in Beijing TV Conference call, the implementation of the State Council, the instructions, strengthen the unity of the national education Test Integrated environmental management work. State Councilor Chen Zhili attended the meeting, she stressed the need for the vast number of candidates and the spirit of being highly responsible people, to create a good fair and equitable environment for the National Education Examination.

ideological education, the Ministry of Education hold a national demonstration sites “in China Students Online “opening ceremony. State Councilor Chen Zhili attended the opening site and click.

Ministry of Education, the Central Propaganda Department, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Supervision, Ministry of Information Industry, the State Secrets Bureau, the armed police headquarters issued a “test environment on the overall strengthening of education, comprehensive management of the notice.”

2002 5 17 Ministry of Education issued “China’s outstanding achievements of Humanities and Social Sciences Award Interim Measures.”

Ministry of Education issued “on the adjustment of the national postgraduate entrance examination subjects notice”, and “adjusted since 2003 on the College Entrance Examination subjects for adults to set the notification.”

Press and Publication Administration, the Ministry of Education, State Planning Commission issued “on the further implementation of primary and secondary schools Teaching material Management system of views. “

Ministry of Education issued “to strengthen writing instruction in schools on a number of views.”

2002 5 17 to 21, Minister of Education Chen Zhili to Hebei, Shandong, Jiangsu and other places schools, vocational schools and colleges and universities to conduct survey and study.

2001 5 17 Minister of Education Chen Zhili and Minister of the Russian Federation Ministry of Education, co-chaired Filippov held in Beijing, the Sino-Russian education, culture, health, sports Cooperation Educational Cooperation Committee Sub-Committee the first meeting, and signed a “minutes.”

Energize 90 birthday at Peking University in Oriental Studies cum 66 Anniversary, Chinese Vice Premier Greets.

“2001 Vocational Education International Week “opened in Beijing, from the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, 12 countries and China, more than 600 vocational education sector to participate in the opening ceremony. Haocai CPPCC, Wang Zhan, vice minister of Ministry of Education, China Education Association for International Exchange President Liu Bindeng attended the opening ceremony.

2000 5 17 The CPC Central Committee General Secretary and State President Jiang Zemin on China’s science and technology, international scientific cooperation, high technology development and education reform and other issues, accepted the United States “Science” magazine exclusive Interview , Answered the “science” and technology.

1998 5 17 the State Council issued “on the graduates of universities and colleges do a good job in 1998 Employment The Circular. ” May 17, 1996 the State Education Commission in Tianjin to Tianjin Institute of Urban Construction, Hebei Electrical and Mechanical College, Shandong Institute of Light Industry and other 13 full-time colleges and universities awarded “Certificate of Undergraduate Education Cooperation.” In early 1995, the State Education Commission decided to work in stages to the evaluation of teaching colleges and universities, colleges and universities in teaching various subjects published work evaluation program and compliance measures for implementing the new start of the first institutions to conduct more than one hundred qualified teaching evaluation expected to be completed within three years.

State Education Commission issued “work on strengthening general secondary and technical education views.”

1995 5 17 from country Board of Education issued “on the general secondary education (excluding normal school) reform and development of views.”

held a press conference that the State Education Commission, Higher Education in the spring of 1995 the number of self-examination up to 365 people sitting for the implementation of self-examination system since the number of candidates up to a year.

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