I First “space Silkworm” Experiment Successfully – Medical Supplies Bandages Manufacturer

Carry our 22 satellites of the “space silkworms” in Beijing space city “to go” out of satellite capsule, indicating that China’s first “space silkworm” scientific experiment a success. The delivery of the “space silkworms” is Aug. 29 carrying 22 Chinese satellites on, after 18 days of space flight and returned to the ground. Beijing Jingshan School 6 students participating in the experiment the students went to the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, witnessed the installation of “youth space biology space” in the “silkworms” rocket ride into space the memorable moments.
As early as 1999, the U.S. primary and secondary students around the world to seek the space experiment program, Beijing Jingshan Li Taotao fourth-grade students have made a “silkworm cocoon spinning in space,” the pilot program, which aims to study “silkworms in space life cycle. ” The program stands out in a number of recruitment programs, was selected as the NASA part of biotechnology research space, carrying in January 2003 launched the “Columbia” space shuttle into space, because of the crash after the experiment ended without result . The carrying 22 Chinese satellites is the program to continue. The science experiments science and technology department of my attention and community concern. Many famous scientists and to guide the entire process, the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation of China decided to launch 22 satellites for the experiment. My 22 satellites designer Tang Bochang pleased to say that the “space silkworm” successful, further illustrates the design of advanced Chinese recoverable satellite, reliable platform with high levels of micro-gravity, can take on more equipped with pilot projects. Experts here pointed out that China is the hometown of silk, sericulture 5,000 years of history, “silkworm cocoon spinning in space” experiment not only for better development of silkworm resources to help farmers increase income is important, but scientific thinking, inspire young people and train them to advocate science, the scientific spirit of seeking the truth has an important role.
Jingshan school teachers responsible for this experiment Hui LAN Li Description: The main purpose of the experiment is to study the silkworm eggs, silkworm larvae and adults in the weightless space environment such as occurred in a series of physiological cycle of the phenomenon. After the experiment, students will also be on the space and ground-reared silkworms silkworm size, toughness and color silk comparative study of space environment on the possibility of improving the quality of silk. If the growth in space silkworm cocoon bigger, better fineness, may constitute a new silkworm.
“Silkworms in space” experiment 5th grade student from Jingshan Li Taotao school five years ago whimsy. In 2000, the U.S. space shuttle “Columbia” before launch, NASA’s primary and secondary students around the world carrying test provides the opportunity 6, Li Taotao’s “silkworm cocoon spinning in space” to win in the 888 program, was carrying qualifications. In 2002, the “Columbia” accident, experiments were suspended. Last year, the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation and other departments approved the “space silkworm experiment”, and the first experimental device is equipped with 22 recoverable satellites.
The carrying of “space silkworms” biological space is the first aircraft equipped with experimental devices for students. Hui LAN Li said: biological compartment or in the today’s open, experiment goes well, will be able to see the silkworm eggs in space and died after hatching moth, silkworm in various stages of their lives in digital photos.

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The Fcc Will Also Allow Providers To Experiment With Offering Specialized Services

The FCC will also allow providers to experiment with offering specialized services

The Federal Communications Commission is set to finally vote on rules this month that will keep the Internet open, but the fight may continue as neither side in the Net neutrality debate is expected to be completely satisfied with the outcome.

As expected, early Wednesday, the FCC staff circulated an agenda for the agency’s December 21 meeting stating that it would be voting on an order that adopts “basic rules of the road to preserve the open Internet as a platform for innovation, investment, competition, and free expression.”

Chairman Julius Genachowski gave a preview of the new rules during a brief press Wednesday. Genachowski proposed a set of rules for Net neutrality over a year ago. In that proposal the chairman suggested making the four basic principles already outlined by the commission official rules and he suggested adding two rules.

Major telephone companies and cable operators, which have generally been opposed to Net neutrality regulations, supported most of the original proposal. But there were two major areas of contention. For one, broadband providers wanted to ensure that the language used in the rules would not prohibit them from either managing their networks or charging different prices for different levels of service. And second, wireless service providers wanted the wireless networks to be exempt from Net neutrality regulations.

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The new proposal that Genachowski discussed today is similar to a compromise proposed earlier this fall by Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.), which would bar Internet providers from discriminating against rival Internet traffic and includes some limited Net neutrality protections on wireless Internet networks.

Genachowski said during his speech that the proposal will allow broadband providers to impose usage-based charges so that customers using more bandwidth would get charged more than customers using less. The FCC will also allow providers to experiment with offering specialized services that could provide higher-quality access to consumers rather than sending applications and content over the public Internet.

Broadband providers will also be required to justify why these services require dedicated bandwidth rather than being delivered over the public Internet. And broadband companies cannot discriminate against traffic on the public Internet in favor of their own services or their customers’ premium services.

The new proposal will also treat wireless networks differently than wired networks with respect to Net neutrality. Wired broadband providers will be “prohibited from blocking lawful content, applications, services and the connection of nonharmful devices to the network,” and they will be subject to transparency requirements as to how their networks are managed.

Wireless service providers will also be subject to the transparency requirement. And they will also not be able to block or degrade most traffic, such as Web sites and certain applications. But Genachowski said he recognizes “differences between fixed and mobile broadband,” and therefore believes the rules should be more flexible for wireless.

The new proposal is not likely to satisfy either side in the debate. Broadband providers are likely to still find some of the provisions too restrictive. Some companies have suggested that Congress should write new rules and make them law rather than having the FCC handle it. Consumer groups are also not likely to be satisfied with the outcome, because they were looking for the FCC to do more.

The FCC’s authority was called into question earlier this year when a federal court threw out a case in which the FCC had tried to enforce its Internet Openness principles against Comcast.

In May, Genachowski suggested a “third way” that essentially called for the FCC to reclassify Internet traffic under the regularity regime, which would allow the FCC to regulate certain aspects of the Internet. The proposal has been highly criticized by the industry.

Now, it appears that Genachowski has abandoned his plans for the “third way.” The rules he plans the agency to adopt will not reregulate any part of the Internet.

There is likely to be last-minute lobbying at the FCC before the December 21 vote. And it’s unclear if Genachowski has the full support of all Democrats on the Commission. The New York Times, reported Wednesday that Michael J. Copps, who has publicly supported more stringent Net neutrality regulation may put up a fight over the more lenient rules.

One thing is clear, the debate over Net neutrality is far from over. And lobbyists from consumer advocates, tech companies, and broadband service providers will be spending a lot of time at the FCC over the next month.
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Silk Scarves “?” You Could Start To Experiment With The Trendy Silk Scarves

The start of stylish silk scarves came from innovative concepts and from previously prevailing motifs, vogue patterns and ideas based upon folklore and heritage from distinct residential areas all over the globe. At times, the patterns also pull hefty inspire from classic images, drawings on historical monuments and classic furnishing textiles, rugs or pottery display articles.

Expending those unique activities being concerned about just how much you have spent on your apparel actually is a pity. With a phenomenal stylish silk scarf to disguise a second using, nonetheless, you might just relax and have fun with the event. Invitations to actually unique events like marriage ceremonies, christenings and even such activities as corporate job performs might turn out charging a bare fortune. No female wishes to be seen using the identical apparel two times, nonetheless at times there just isn’t sufficient money to be able to pay for something fresh yet once again.

These indistinct and fuzzy concepts for the style of a silk scarf are initially approximately defined in the manner of drawings to give a particular and distinct idea concerning what the style may appear to be. Designers normally utilize these final drawings to prepare a stencil for all of the different hues used for screen prints of silk scarves.

These days, manufacturing houses and designers are experimenting with fresh vogue patterns through integrating bright colored floral patterns, animal images (like zebra and cheetah images), fuzy and geometric motifs besides hand paintings depicting community folklore of distinct countries or wonderful sceneries of faraway places and square silk scarves. With all these alternatives, you’re sure to come across one to fit your complexion, hair trend and looks.

Once all the stencils are well prepared, the arrangement is tested on bare paper to determine if the total affect is great or not. As soon as the full tone outcome is approved, the identical style is replicated on cloth. In the scenario of stylish silk scarves, these patterns are replicated on the cloth after meticulously picking the quality of the fabric that is to be used. It completely depends upon the stylish or on the needs of the manufacturing firm to pick the variety of cloth they utilize.

These days, with fresh tendencies in the global market, stylish silk scarves have grown to be hugely popular the world over. Virtually every vogue informed female or male owns or aspires their own a stylish scarves. These wonderful items are available in a huge array of forms and designs. You might choose the scarf based upon its size, tone, vogue patterns, images, delicate embroideries or extra appendages (like beads, lace, fringes, sequins, braids or tassels).

The perfect element of silk printed scarves is that they have the identical rich quality and charm on both the facets of the cloth, as the color distributes consistently on both sides, and reflects the identical rich appearance. Additionally, this distinctive cloth presents a delicate glossy sense and feels cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

The explanation why silk is so widely used and valued as the selected cloth for these wonderful vogue gadgets is because of its high toughness, porosity and luster, which can make it echo light and show a phenomenal shine. Furthermore, the fantastic convenience with which silk takes on fabric dyes is pretty incredible.

The soft, silky and smooth texture of stylish silk scarves, coupled with vibrant hues and attractive patterns will bring elegance, splendor and appeal to your character.

In case you are getting bored with your everyday clothing, you may experiment with to bring silk scarves to your common attire. You can be surprised by the eventual amazing appearance, even for womens winter scarf.

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During the experiment with five finger shoes and MBT Shoes people are all

Running shoes is the best shoes in the world, it is what runners thought. Long history and hebit make people just buyying running shoes in doing exercise, without other choice. However, proven by doctors that running shoes is not really healthy for runners.

Dr Daniel Lieberman, professor of biological anthropology at Harvard University, has been studying the growing injury crisis in the developed world for some time and has come to a startling conclusion: ‘A lot of foot and knee injuries currently plaguing us are caused by people running with shoes that actually make our feet weak, cause us to over-pronate (ankle rotation) and give us knee problems.

Barefoot running is best for human foot. This is proved by doctors. Barefoot running is a new method that help your foot relax by touching the ground, it can protect your foot from athelete foot and reduce the opportunity to damage. Even these days, foot health is paid more and more attention among people, manufactors tried their best to produced barefoot shoes just for running, like Nike Free, five finger shoes. Both of them has been selected as the best in the mazagine.

Designed based on human foot, with the ideal of toe shoes, Vibram skillfully use unique material in the sole. The flexible but rugged soles force you to adopt a more natural bio-mechanical stride. Rather than landing on your heel, as we’re accustomed to doing with cushioned soles, you land on the mid-foot or ball of the foot. This gait is less stressful on your knees and forces you to place the “strikepoint” of your foot beneath your hips, which also means you initiate forward movement with a lean instead of leg drive. The shoes’ toe channels don’t cause any discomfort, though I have found the five-channeled Injinji brand socks somewhat uncomfortable to wear beneath them, as the stitching pulls into the webbing between the toes. The added articulation of the vibram five fingers strengthens your metatarsal ligaments and muscles, which is noticeable in general balance and, oddly enough, upper body pressing strength.

During the experiment with five finger shoes and MBT Shoes, people are all satisfied with it. While running, they all reflect that like no shoes in the foot. This is what doctor want to explain, also this may be the effect those who buy vibram five fingers want to know.

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Facebook is an Interesting Social Experiment on Just How Many People Truly Are Sheep

It all started with chain emails which would state something like “forward this to every single person in your contact list or you will have 7 days of terrible luck” or something similar. Some even had interesting sliding scales where if you sent it to half, you’d only have 4 days of bad luck. Nice of these things to have discount options.

Now we have Facebook where status messages often contain “real friends will copy this status” insinuating that anyone who doesn’t isn’t a real friend.

The last craze to go around was the bra colour thing where women would set their status to the colour of their bra, supposedly in support of breast cancer awareness even though the majority of people really didn’t know what was going on. This spawned the ‘awareness’ craze where anything and everything that people could possibly have became a status message that insisted that “people who care” would copy and paste it.

Did anyone really care about those follow up awareness issues or did they simply want to see how many people would copy them? It even went so far as to have one stating “everyone knows someone who is an idiot. This is to raise idiot awareness” and so forth. It was an obvious parody which garnered the same results. People copied and pasted.

Every time I see a Facebook status message that concludes with “copy and paste this to your status”, I cringe and find myself deciding on if I should remove this person from my friends list.

The latest crazy is even funnier where people (mostly kids) are creating groups which promise you the world if only you’ll suggest the group to every single friend you have.

I’ve seen people promise Farmville items that aren’t even in the game, some promise multiples of things you can only get once, some promise thousands of rewards coins in games like Mafia Wars or others like it. Some groups even promise to let you roll back to a previous version of Facebook if you don’t like the changes they make.

And the instructions are always the same, stating that you must suggest ALL of your friends. Not all minus one, not half, not a few… all.

I shouldn’t have to explain this but Facebook doesn’t even track if you send to ‘all’ friends. How is this kid tracking it when he doesn’t have access to their code? Also, Facebook doesn’t offer the ability to roll back to a previous version, how would this random kid be able to do it?

Going one step further, how does this random person have the ability to track through Facebook’s code and end up giving you extras from a 3rd party company that they have no affiliation with? Oh right, they can’t. No extra Farmville land or Mafia Wars points for you.

This wouldn’t be so bad, and would be almost comical if not for one small thing… people don’t just fall for it once! They join group after group after group hoping that just one of them will give them this wonderful bounty that no one else can get and they keep suggesting all of their friends over and o


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