2007 Trends in Artificial Intelligent UAV Fighter Aircraft

The Future of the Top Gun Fighter Pilot is almost over and indeed their days are numbered. This will be the last generation of human fighter pilots due to the rapidly advancing artificial intelligence and unmanned aerial vehicle technologies. Soon airliners will fly themselves just like light-rail systems only without the tracks. The cost savings …

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2007 Outlook for the Russian Made Su-27 Fighter Aircraft

Many nations in the world are turning to the Russian made Su27 in the present period as the fighter aircraft of choice for their military air force. Is the Su-27 a superior fighter to lets say the F-15 Eagle? No, not even close, but realize that indeed it is available to all nations as Russia …

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New Chinese ?Stealth’ Fighter Plane Sighted

Chinese state media on Wednesday reported on pictures that have been in circulation online apparently depicting a prototype of the Chengdu J-20, China’s first stealth fighter, performing high-speed taxi tests. The photos look to be shot from near the Chengdu Aircraft Design Institute, but the identity of the original photographer and his motives remain unknown. …

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