Quick Tips For First Time Travellers To London

Are you panning to visit London for the first time? You need not worry as there are ample sightseeing and things to do opportunities lying for you. Here is a quick look to some of the most exciting things which you will love to explore as first time traveller to London. Moreover, we have even got some tips to ensure that you have a comfortable, safe and hassle free trip.

Arriving in London
It is easy to reach London through one of those prestigious London airports. Most convenient way to reach the heart of the city is to catch a train or a coach to central London and book an accommodation in London. On the other hand, if you are arriving through train or Eurostar, your services often arrive directly to central London.

Getting Around in London
Public Transport network spread all over London is not only convenient but also safe for the first time travellers to London. The first thing to do when you arrive the city is to buy an Oyster Card which is a smart way to hop on and off the public transport network in London known as tube. Though London is a huge city with innumerable things to explore, however, walking through the city is also an exciting way to move around.

Whether you are on a economic or affluent trip to the city, London leaves no stone unturned to offer the most comfortable accommodation in London and that too according to the pockets of the travellers. Huge number of cheap and luxury hotels in London ensure an ideal stay in the city for all first time visitors through great facilities and amenities.

Eating and Drinking
Are you one of the connoisseurs? A lot is waiting for you in London too. You are sure to be spoilt for choice when it comes to eating and drinking in London. There is a huge range of restaurants and pubs in London which serve perfect destinations for all those foodies in the city.

Things to Do and See
In order to get London oriented, first time travellers to London may love to take a ride on London Eye which a 443 ft high rotating wheel located on the banks of River Thames. Offering the panoramic views, it helps in breaking the ice with the capital while you view Big Ben and Houses of Parliament across the river. Apart from this, London has a wide range of museums and galleries to help you explore the culture of the city. Visitors are also allured by the shopping opportunities and London parks and gardens.

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The success of Boeing 787 Dreamliner in first test flight

It is wonderful that new 787 Dreamliner passenger aircraft made by Boeing has successfully overcome the first test flight which took off in Everett and landed in near Seattle. It was suspiring that this flight only lasted in three hours and landed in heavy rain.


After postponing in two and a half years because of some troubles, design problems inclusive, Dreamliner has officially appeared. It is expected to be one of the world’s most fuel-saving planes.


There are two pilots who are responsible for testing basic system consisting of the landing gear and flaps. Randy Neville, one of the pilots said that the plane has operated as they hoped. Besides that, this plane drew so much attention that there are hundreds of Boeing employees, industry guests and aircraft enthusiasts came and followed its take off and landing. Among, according to Rajesh Mirchandani, BBC correspondent, Dreamliner really remarked a crucial milestone in history page of Boeing. Right after this test flight, the Dreamliner will continue testing in nine months, with six planes flying around the clock.


The new passenger aircraft is actually outstanding because of lightweight design with carbon and titanium in material that can save both fuel and maintenance costs. Basing on the evaluation of Howard Wheeldon, a transport analyst with BGC Partners, this plane has created a revolution in aviation. It is an 80% composite material aircraft, with 35 tonnes of carbon-fibre reinforced plastic, so it is a light aircraft – which means it burns less fuel. Not only, but its design helps plane fly with rapid speed in long distance without refueling. These features are only some factors that draw 840 orders from all over the globe though some have been withdrawn because of the delays.


Like Boeing, Airbus also has a lightweight airplane named A350 which is made from carbon-composite materials. Another craft of Airbus is A380 which is possible to carry larger numbers of passengers. However, it is a pity that A380 only can fly to airports that are equipped for the double-decker aircraft.


As a first all-new jet of Boeing since 1995, the project on a lightweight passenger aircraft was first revealed in July 2007. The innovativeness in the design of Dreamliner is a steep learning curve for Boeing. The company ventured into wide-ranging outsourcing and faced series of troubles that caused the delays of 787 project. For these troubles, we can mention to the shortages of parts and the difficulties of bringing together fuselage and wing structures from Japan, Italy and elsewhere in the US.


And up to now, this plane will have to pass many test programme. According to analysts, the Dreamliner has been invested more than $ 10 billion but it is impossible to know exactly how much profit the Dreamliner can bring to Boeing. It is recommended that Boeing will have some methods to compensate to customers for the late. It is expected that the first plane will be delivered to Japan’s All Nippon Airlines by the end of 2010.


It is reported that Airbus’s A400M military transport plane will carry out first test flight in Spain earlier this month.


I am a business reporter.

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FAQ about Aircraft Washing Entrepreneurs First Starting Out

If you are one of those who consider a new career in aviation in this economic crisis, then you may want to consider the fact that these days that sector does not need a lot of hiring. The FAA, of course, lacks air traffic controllers and always could you start a small service business business washing aircraft. If being self-employed is what you want, this can be a good option.


Having been in the aircraft cleaning business some 27-years, I know all the questions start-up entrepreneurs ask about airplane washing. For instance; “How much business is there for detailing/polishing with the economy still so soft?”


Yes, good point, indeed demand has weakened significantly during the current recession and yes, general aviation has taken a hard hit. Worse many politicians and even our President are out attacking corporate jet use. This has cost at least 10,000 manufacturing jobs in the aviation sector and slowed the growth of general aviation to a negative growth rate.


If you are thinking about washing planes you must also consider the competition, so another frequently asked question is; “Who is your competition and how are your products and services superior to theirs?”


Most of our competition is people like you, some airports have folks that have been doing business for years, and they have a significant foothold. And there is a lot of politics at local airports. For instance in NJ there is a lot of payola, it’s quite disgusting, but that’s how they do it, so you have to play if you want that business.


So, let’s say you start your business and you want to increase sales, well, you might ask another common question; “How often do you recommend the aircraft be detailed?”


We don’t and it depends on the paint, where they park it; in or out doors and the region of the country. If an aircraft needs it, our teams slip a notice in the bill at the end of the month.


Please consider all these questions before you start your plane detailing business and think about what question you might have. Just like flying at night VFR, don’t start into something until you can see what is out there. Think on this.


Lance Winslow – Lance Winslow’s Bio. If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance; http://www.WorldThinkTank.net/.

I First “space Silkworm” Experiment Successfully – Medical Supplies Bandages Manufacturer

Carry our 22 satellites of the “space silkworms” in Beijing space city “to go” out of satellite capsule, indicating that China’s first “space silkworm” scientific experiment a success. The delivery of the “space silkworms” is Aug. 29 carrying 22 Chinese satellites on, after 18 days of space flight and returned to the ground. Beijing Jingshan School 6 students participating in the experiment the students went to the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, witnessed the installation of “youth space biology space” in the “silkworms” rocket ride into space the memorable moments.
As early as 1999, the U.S. primary and secondary students around the world to seek the space experiment program, Beijing Jingshan Li Taotao fourth-grade students have made a “silkworm cocoon spinning in space,” the pilot program, which aims to study “silkworms in space life cycle. ” The program stands out in a number of recruitment programs, was selected as the NASA part of biotechnology research space, carrying in January 2003 launched the “Columbia” space shuttle into space, because of the crash after the experiment ended without result . The carrying 22 Chinese satellites is the program to continue. The science experiments science and technology department of my attention and community concern. Many famous scientists and to guide the entire process, the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation of China decided to launch 22 satellites for the experiment. My 22 satellites designer Tang Bochang pleased to say that the “space silkworm” successful, further illustrates the design of advanced Chinese recoverable satellite, reliable platform with high levels of micro-gravity, can take on more equipped with pilot projects. Experts here pointed out that China is the hometown of silk, sericulture 5,000 years of history, “silkworm cocoon spinning in space” experiment not only for better development of silkworm resources to help farmers increase income is important, but scientific thinking, inspire young people and train them to advocate science, the scientific spirit of seeking the truth has an important role.
Jingshan school teachers responsible for this experiment Hui LAN Li Description: The main purpose of the experiment is to study the silkworm eggs, silkworm larvae and adults in the weightless space environment such as occurred in a series of physiological cycle of the phenomenon. After the experiment, students will also be on the space and ground-reared silkworms silkworm size, toughness and color silk comparative study of space environment on the possibility of improving the quality of silk. If the growth in space silkworm cocoon bigger, better fineness, may constitute a new silkworm.
“Silkworms in space” experiment 5th grade student from Jingshan Li Taotao school five years ago whimsy. In 2000, the U.S. space shuttle “Columbia” before launch, NASA’s primary and secondary students around the world carrying test provides the opportunity 6, Li Taotao’s “silkworm cocoon spinning in space” to win in the 888 program, was carrying qualifications. In 2002, the “Columbia” accident, experiments were suspended. Last year, the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation and other departments approved the “space silkworm experiment”, and the first experimental device is equipped with 22 recoverable satellites.
The carrying of “space silkworms” biological space is the first aircraft equipped with experimental devices for students. Hui LAN Li said: biological compartment or in the today’s open, experiment goes well, will be able to see the silkworm eggs in space and died after hatching moth, silkworm in various stages of their lives in digital photos.

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