Starting a Business – What I Learned From Flying

It was a beautiful spring morning in Oklahoma as I climbed into the small Cessna aircraft with my flight instructor. I was midway through getting a pilot’s license and this lesson would be spent practicing stalls and turns around a point. After 45 minutes of grinding around the skies, I was instructed to return to the small suburban airport and land. I was anticipating, with a certain amount of excitement and fear, what was to come next. My instructor got out of the plane and stated, in a nonchalant manner, that he was going to get a Coke and I should complete a few touch-and-goes while he was relieving his thirst. I could tell he was trying to bolster my confidence by making it sound like it was no big deal.

This was it, the moment I had both anticipated and dreaded; my first solo! Taxiing the aircraft back to the start point with only me in the cabin was a new experience. After all, my destiny was truly in my hands. It occurred there was no one to bail me out if I did something really dumb.

Advancing the throttle, I executed a normal takeoff, proceeded around the pattern and made a textbook touch-and-go. I repeated this two more times before completing my final approach with a perfect landing. I have to admit I was aided by beautiful weather, no other aircraft traffic and no cross winds to distract me. Nevertheless, I couldn’t hold back a sense of pride as I secured the plane and swaggered back to the office to meet up with my instructor and his congratulations.

It has been many years since that spring morning in Oklahoma. Many other successful flights followed as well as a career as an entrepreneur. Numbers of businesses were started, some more successful than others. I have always looked back on that first solo experience and appreciated the business lessons that it taught me.

Desire– I really wanted to fly an airplane and if you want to start up a successful business you have to have the desire and passion to do so. Be prepared to work and follow-through when the tough times come as they most certainly will.

Preparation- I didn’t just jump in an airplane and decide to go for a flight on a whim. I spent months preparing, studying and developing the necessary skills. The same thing is true with business; whatever specialized knowledge or skill that is required for your area you will need to acquire. The truth is that the Internet allows you to do most of your preparation in front of your computer.

Planning and Market-research- I had to assess whether or not I stood a favorable chance of becoming a pilot. Did I possess what it took to succeed? You need to determine, in advance, if there is a need for your business. Does anybody want to buy what it is you want to sell? You find that out by asking questions; market-research.

Launch at 100%- When you start, give it your all; no dipping your toe in to test the water.You can cruise an airplane at 60% power but, it takes full throttle to get off the ground! You may go into autopilot later but for now it’s “pedal to the metal”.

Begin with the end in mind– When I took off on that first solo flight I had to believe that I was going to get the plane back on the ground in one piece. The same is true in business, have the end result in mind before you ever start.

Listen to your environment– When you fly an airplane you are more off course and you are on; you are constantly correcting. The same thing is true of business; the marketplace will dictate how you need to change. You just need to be attuned to it.

Be willing to take a risk– When I took off that day, I assumed a certain amount of risk, and after all, bad things could have happened. A startup business involves risk, but, it’s not a crazy risk like taking a nap in the middle of the freeway! If you’ve done your preparation and have acquired the necessary skills then the risks you take are manageable.

A final note on the economy– Is now a good time to start a business? After all, it’s pretty crazy out there! You can make a lot of money running a business when things are stable. When things are chaotic however, you can make a fortune! During the French Revolution, Robespierre stated, “I lived for the days when the blood flowed in the streets!”Translation; chaos breeds great opportunity in business if you have the right product or service. Find out what people need to have in a down market and give it to them; they will chase you down to buy!

Do your homework and have a great flight!

Dennis Whitlock has been a business owner for nearly 20 years. In the process of offering employment to literally hundreds of individuals, he has witnessed, firsthand, the key elements of successful job searches. If the economy has you uncertain as to your career future, you may wish to consider a radically new and proven approach to finding a job

Ever Dream Of Being Pampered While Flying To Your Destination?

In a short flight there is no need to worry about keeping you entertained. If you are in the air for an hour or two you can easily take a nap or read and would soon reach your destination. If you are taking a longer flight, especially with kids, then you better think about things they can do to keep them entertained during your flight.

Private jet charters can offer you many things that can keep yourself and the kids entertained on those longer flights. Most offer in flight movies of your choice as well as CD, VCR, and DVD players so you can choose what you want to see and listen to on your flight. Surround sound systems and large screen televisions can provide hours of entertainment for the little ones especially when you are in control of what you movies and music you have available. Make a special request or bring some of your favorites aboard. Either way you know that everyone will remain entertained throughout the flight.

You are able to pre-order a newspaper and magazines to be on board since catering to their needs is what private jet companies are all about. Fresh flowers are also available upon request to help clean the air, surprise a special guest, or give the surroundings a more home like feel.

If you are traveling without the children you may wish to entertain yourself and other passengers with a massage, manicure, pedicure, or even a hair stylist or cosmetologist to help improve the way you look and feel before you land in your destination. This can be very relaxing and can help sooth the nerves of reluctant travelers, plus it is a great way to kill the air time.

Of course, when you charter a flight you are in the driver’s seat and you get to choose the flight experience that best suits your needs. And if you are traveling with children you won’t need to worry about the other passengers that are onboard and keeping them quiet and subdued, you can just let them be kids and enjoy a relaxing flight to your destination without having to keep them quiet for hours on end. That can be very stressful for a parent, especially if you are flying on a flight that lasts more than a few hours. Breathe easy on a private jet and you will arrive to your destination more well rested then you ever have before.

There are many advantages to air charter, opposed to traveling with a commercial airline. For more information on private jet charters log onto

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Advantages Of Flying On A Private Jet Charter

There may not have been any consideration about flying private jet charter or you may be one of those who has been thinking about it. However there are many people who are making the discovery of flying in this manner back and forth to a destination. It is appealing due to its simplistic experience compared to those who are tired of the commercial flight experience.

Flying on a private jet is far and way the best way to go to here and there. This way you can travel following your own schedule to thousands of airports all over the world. The beginning step is to make a choice of which aircraft you will fly, anything from a helicopter to a light jet, or a medium jet to a turbo prop plane. It doesn’t matter which one you want the private charter business will help you know which one is right for the trip you are taking.

Flying this way provides great flexibility which is one of the best benefits of this travel, as the private charter company will make you the main focus on the trip. You are the one who makes the decision about when you travel and when you will get to your ultimate destination. Along with that you get to choose which airport to arrive at, and you don’t have to wait in line or take on any of the hassles of commercial flight. You have the ability with a private jet charter flight to reserve space well in advance of your flight or you can fly with only a few hours notice. So if you need to go in a hurry for an emergency or have an opportunity at the last minute you can take off.

With a private jet charter you will find a whole wide assortment of services including planned meals you choose, any entertainmen on board and other parts of the travel like the ground transportation when you get to your destination. If you wish, they can also arrange hotel and dinner reservations for you when you arrive. You will discover that a charter jet service provides you with first class service which helps you to put your perfect plan in place and get it executed in the manner you want.

Sure you can continue to fly commercially and pay a little less but is it really worth the headaches and hassles that you get in return. Why not fly with a company that wants your business and cherishes you as a customer? Doing so can provide you with the trip of a lifetime and an experience that you won’t soon forget.

To make it to several crucial meetings in a day in varied locations you need to visit soon to arrange for a private jet LFMD. The specialists at can assist you with any questions regarding the jet charter Cannes.

Is Flying Sustainable

The aviation industry is trying to green its image and improve its reputation for being one the most polluting industries on the planet, needless to say it will be quite a difficult task. But can air travel ever be something that could be considered ‘sustainable’ on the same level as food or coffee beans can be considered sustainable?

In every product that claims to be sustainable there is likely to be an element in its production, harvest, or delivery that is not sustainable. In the case of potatoes that reach you in a recyclable brown paper box, it’s the machine that pulls the potatoes out of the ground, the oil that that machine runs on and the machine that delivers the potatoes to the store. Then there’s the machine that recycles the paper every time. No matter how sustainable a product seems, it’s still likely that its carbon emissions are closer to that of a couple of flights from Philadelphia to Nassau.

For air travel, it’s clear the elements of the service that are not sustainable at current levels: almost everything the plane is made of is pulled out of the ground, and those resources will run out before we stop needing them. Then there’s oil. And it’s not difficult to see that this is not a sustainable product. It’s not a renewable energy, at least more oil won’t be ready in time to fuel a few flights from Portland to Puerto Vallarta.

So rather than dismiss flying as completely unsustainable, we have to accept that people want to fly and they will continue to fly no matter how unethical or morally unsound it becomes. So let’s focus on how we can make flights from Washington to Delhi more sustainable rather than demanding people stop flying completely without thinking of a way to fix this.

Stacey sylvester is an author that writes about travel and leisure

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Cheap Flights To Tokyo Depend On Where You Are Flying From

Flying into Tokyo from any part of the world is a tedious process. Flights can be extremely long and the jet lag involved is not a joke. If you are trying to get cheap flights to Tokyo, then there are few things you need to look into before you actually set about looking for tickets. The first thing you need to find out is approximately how long is your flight to Tokyo going to be? One of the main reasons for this is that Tokyos airport is around an hour and half from the city center. The later you land, the more difficult it is getting transportation public or otherwise into the city. In case you do land late for any unforeseen reasons, its best to stay in Narita and then move to the city the next day.

Some of the major sectors are Bangkok to Tokyo which is a six hour flight. Then there is Frankfurt to Tokyo which is 11 hours, Los Angeles to Tokyo which is 11 and half hours as is London to Tokyo. Then you have Singapore to Tokyo which his 7 hours and Sydney to Tokyo which is 9 and half hours. The best thing to do would be to book a flight that land in the afternoon or early evening.

Now once you have this information in hand, you begin to look for your tickets. Look through the international websites of all major airlines and compare costs of air tickets. Try and fly off season or on those flights that reach at odd hours of the afternoon or late at night. These tend to be cheaper travel sectors. Also you may want to look at breaking your journey and taking connecting flights. This can sometimes work cheaper.

Always keep abreast of travel news and air line ticket pricing wars that are constantly raging. This way you are sure to get your choice of tickets when you want them. Also fix a budget for yourself on how much you want to spend on the tickets. Once tickets reach that particular price buy them and dont wait for prices to fluctuate.

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