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The Emirates Group – SWOT Analysis company profile is the essential source for top-level company data and information. The Emirates Group – SWOT Analysis examines the companys key business structure and operations, history and products, and provides summary analysis of its key revenue lines and strategy.

The Emirates Group (Emirates or the group) is a conglomerate which operates through Emirates Airline, an international airline, and Dnata, a travel organization operating in the Middle East. The group is wholly owned by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) government. It provides scheduled passenger and cargo services to more than 100 destinations. The group has operations across Middle East, Europe and Americas, Far East and Australia, West Asia and Indian Ocean, and Africa. It is headquartered in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates and employs 36,652 people. The group recorded revenues of AED42,674.3 million (approximately $ 11,621.5 million) during the financial year ended March 2009 (FY2009), an increase of 17.1% over FY2008. The operating profit of the group was AED2,573.3 million (approximately $ 700.8 million) in FY2009, a decrease of 42.2% as compared to FY2008. Its net profit was AED981.7 million (approximately $ 267.3 million) in FY2009, a decrease of 80.4% as compared to FY2008.

Scope of the Report

– Provides all the crucial information on The Emirates Group required for business and competitor intelligence needs
– Contains a study of the major internal and external factors affecting The Emirates Group in the form of a SWOT analysis as well as a breakdown and examination of leading product revenue streams of The Emirates Group
-Data is supplemented with details on The Emirates Group history, key executives, business description, locations and subsidiaries as well as a list of products and services and the latest available statement from The Emirates Group

Reasons to Purchase

– Support sales activities by understanding your customers businesses better
– Qualify prospective partners and suppliers
– Keep fully up to date on your competitors business structure, strategy and prospects
– Obtain the most up to date company information available

Table of Contents :
Key Facts: The Emirates Group
Company Overview: The Emirates Group
Business Description: The Emirates Group
Company History: The Emirates Group
Key Employees: The Emirates Group
Key Employee Biographies: The Emirates Group
Products & Services Listing: The Emirates Group
Products & Services Analysis: The Emirates Group
SWOT analysis: The Emirates Group
*Strengths: The Emirates Group
*Weaknesses: The Emirates Group
*Opportunities: The Emirates Group
*Threats: The Emirates Group
Company View: The Emirates Group
Top Competitors: The Emirates Group
Location and Subsidiary: The Emirates Group
*Head Office: The Emirates Group
*Other Locations and Subsidiaries: The Emirates Group

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Here comes the summer! Well if that’s your reaction, a group road trip with your college friends, extended family, or simply an acquaintance, willing to travel with you as a part of this group, it would be an ideal adventure and would lead to friendships and memories to cherish for a lifetime.

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If one of the travelers falls sick, there are many others willing to take care of him, making it easy for everyone to bond with each other. Lots of van rental companies rent vans only to individuals who are above twenty five years of age. You should check out the travel or host agencies for more information on passenger van rentals. Even if these travel agencies say it’s ok for your clientele to make the check-out to you, do not do it. You should get the commission from the travel agency until you’ve the seller of host license.


If planning the trip and organizing it, isn’t your idea of fun, nothing would work better for you than a group trip in a 15 passenger van rental at GO Van Rentals. Out of lot of people traveling with you, there has to be at least one such individual who will take the responsibility of organizing things, and dealing with the finer intricacies of budget management and other contingencies that may come along. So, all you have to do is assume a role which works best for you, for instance, driving if you have a driver’s license and enjoying the trip. You can easily get a lot of information about the travel agencies and car rentals for your group excursions online.

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Group Health Insurance And Exclusions

Getting insured is very important, however, it is has raised a lot of debate since it was introduced. Some people think that when someone has pre-existing medical conditions, then they are not eligible for group health insurance. The truth is that the cover does not exclude people on the basis of their present condition. Even people with disabilities are allowed to apply for it. This is to ensure that no one is left out just because they are suffering from a condition they did not impose on themselves.

In the past, most companies provided cover and excluded people based on their past medical history. Though this may not be the case today, insurers and employers are still entitled to enquire if an employee is suffering from any medical condition. Before an employee is given cover, the company goes through their medical history thoroughly. Any employee who submits their claims within the first year of cover also must be thoroughly checked.

The insurer will look back at the claimant’s medical history to establish if there exists or existed any medical condition that warrants attention. In case the insurer discovers that there existed a medical condition, they must not refuse to give the employee cover. What the insurer does is to exclude the employee coverage for the pre-existing medical conditions.

There are laws in that control the extent of exclusions that employers and insurers should include in their plans. For example, the law does not allow one to make exclusions based on pregnancy or any genetic disorder. The exclusions are also not permitted for adopted children or those to be adopted or new born.

In most cases, the period of exclusion for pre-existing medical situations is only obligated only after six months elapses after joining the company. This will only take effect only after the right treatment has been recommended. This period is important because it is the main determinant to ones acceptance of a claim. Any exclusion period imposed should not last longer than one year. During this period, the claimant is credited for the previous coverage.

During instances where a member wishes to move from one company to another, the person in charge of the other cover is allowed to inquire details of the previous plans. This is important because it helps plan for the new entitlement for exclusion. This is also necessary just in case that there is a benefit that is included or not included in the new plan. The good thing is that notice is given for any pre-existing medical condition, which is written.

Most public and private institutions that offer coverage are usually categorized as creditable. This coverage includes Medicare, foreign coverage, student coverage, personal or individual coverage, military coverage and much more.

Group health insurance benefits and exclusions usually differ. Exclusion periods also vary from one company to another. This means that exclusion periods imposed on pre-existing medical conditions may not be covered in some plans. This means that it is generally advisable for one to look around and to shop for the most suitable cover in order to ensure that they get the best deal.

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Patriot Group Travel Medical Insurance

Whether your Group traveling on a trade mission, as a business team, a missionary group or even a large family group you should consider Patriot Group Travel Medical Insurance. You would be hard-pressed to find a better international group insurance plan. If a member of your group is insured or becomes ill overseas and you don’t have a good group travel medical insurance plan who are you going to call for help? With the Patriot Group plan you can contact IMG’s international, multilingual customer service centers 24 hours a day. IMG has claims administrators who have experience processing claims from all over the world and can handle virtual every language and currency. You will also have 24 hour access to highly qualified coordinators of emergency medical services and international treatment. You can’t go wrong when you have a Patriot Group Travel Medical Insurance plan, you have Coverage without Boundaries®.

There are 2 Patriot Group Travel Medical Insurance plans one is for U.S. Citizens traveling overseas, Patriot International Group plan, and the other is for non-U.S. Citizens traveling outside their home country, the Patriot America Group plan. Both of the Patriot Group plans offer a complete package of international benefits available 24 hours a day. The Patriot Group International Travel Medical Insurance plan provides coverage for groups of 5 or more U.S. Citizens traveling overseas for a minimum of 10 days up to a maximum of 2 years with coverage for brief returns to the U.S. Patriot Group America for groups of 5 or more also when traveling outside their home country.

Both the Patriot International Group plan and the Patriot America Group plan have Maximum limits from $ 50,000 to $ 2,000,000 and Individual Deductibles from $ 0 to $ 2,500. As well as the following: For treatment received outside the U.S. and Canada there is no Coinsurance. For treatment received inside the U.S. and Canada the plans pay 90% of eligible expenses up to $ 5,000 then 100% up to the policy maximum when treatment is provided within the PPO Network and 80% outside the PPO Network. The benefit period is 6 months. You have 24 hour on-line access to MyImg.

Now let get specific about Schedule of Benefits, Additional Benefits, International Emergency Care and Optional Riders. Schedule of Benefits:

All of the following are covered Up to the Maximum Limit: Hospital Room and Board, Intensive Care, Medical Expenses, Local Ambulance, Prescription Drugs, Emergency Room Accident, Dental – Due to Accident.
Emergency Room Illness without In-patient Admission – Up to Maximum Limit with additional $ 250 deductible, Dental – Sudden Pain – up to $ 100, Indemnity (for U.S. Citizens only) – up to $ 100 per night.

Additional Benefits:

Terrorism: up to $ 50,000 lifetime maximum, Sports and Activities Coverage: up to maximum limit for basic sports, Sudden Recurrence of a Pre-existing Condition – Medical (for U.S. Citizens only) – up to $ 15,000 of eligible costs and expenses, Sudden Recurrence of a Pre-existing Condition – Emergency Medical Evacuation (for U.S. Citizens only) – up to $ 25,000 of eligible costs and expenses, Incidental Home Country Coverage – up to cumulative two weeks, End of Trip Home Country Coverage – one month for every 5 months of travel coverage purchased, up to a maximum of two months, Trip Interruption – up to $ 5,000, Common Carrier Accidental Death – $ 50,000 to beneficiary; maximum of $ 250,000 per family, Accidental Death & Dismemberment – $ 25,000 principle sum, Lost Luggage – up to $ 50 per item of personal property; maximum of $ 250 per Period of Coverage.

International Emergency Care:

Emergency Medical Evacuation – up to $ 500,000 lifetime maximum (independent of the Maximum limit), Emergency Reunion – up to $ 50,000, Return of Mortal Remains – up to $ 50,000, Return of Minor Children – $ 50,000, Political Evacuation – up to $ 10,000, Natural Disaster – $ 100 per day for five days, Identify Theft Assistance – up to $ 500 per Period of Coverage.

Optional Riders:

Adventure Sports Rider – (available to insureds up to age 65): 0-49 – Lifetime maximum of $ 50,000, 50-59 – Lifetime maximum of $ 30,000, 60-64 – Lifetime maximum of $ 15,000, Chaperone/Faculty Leader Replacement Rider – up to $ 3,000 for round trip economy airline ticket, Citizenship Return Rider – up to the Maximum Limit.

When you consider the world-class medical benefits giving you coverage for in-patient and out-patient medical expenses and the International Emergency Care you can see that both of the Patriot Group Travel Medical Insurance plans are worth looking at. For more information or to buy on-line visit the links below.

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